Brothers Tressilian

The three Brothers Tressilian are the founders of the Earldoms of the Tresser Veldt. In 256 HC the brothers Roen, Roth and Tires became the generals of all of the armies of Galastry, and some of the most feared and respected commanders in all of Ahlonia, and specialists in siege combat, especially at holding a fortified position against overwhelming odds. Impressed by goblyn tactics they became fascinated by the idea of a heavy mounted landsmen army, and concerned at what would happen between landsmen and goblyns when the Siele Wars eventually ended. Their opinions began to gain popular support amongst the armies, and this is probably why, in 267, the Tressilians were ordered on a veritable suicide mission to march with a huge force behind Siele lines and develop a forward base of operations there.

Enlisting the goblyns of the Rotten Tusk into their own enormous force the Tressilians came up with a plan. Knowing that the siele scouts would be watching every move they formulated a plan that put time on their side. Marching as if to attack the siele tower-city of Tal-Mieal, they even told their own men that this was the plan. Then, at the last moment, merely assuming that the thinly spread siele forces must have concentrated at their apparent target, they diverted and raced past the tower-city, only a day's march out, into the southern part of modern day Roen. There they mobilized the goblyns extremely quickly, constructing a huge earthwork fortress while the landsmen force attacked and sacked a small tower-city whose defenders had been diverted to Tal-Mieal. By the time they retreated back to their newly built fortress and the siele recovered enough to make a strike the Tressilians had a huge, extremely well fortified fastness and all the resources of a tower city at their disposal.

At a time when a strong push would have broken the back of this cell, so deep in enemy territory, it was the Tressilians extreme fortune that the siele sent exploratory forces of a handful of scouts, still the Rotten Tusk who went about raiding the local siele were completely eradicated in the first year. Though an inability to communicate caused the Tressilians to be presumed lost they held their new territory ably and tenaciously, and even managed to expand, building a triangle of three fortresses, one of each of them, around a central camp. By 270 their position was unassailable, and goblyn scouts were able to keep up an intermittent but effective tactical communication between the two groups of landsmen. Thus began the dynasty that would be the first of the landsmen to break away from Reddown.