Bruke the Tyrant

The Haedrasian mercenarcy known as Bruke the Tyrant is amongst the most efficient and feared of all of the mercenary leaders north of the Inner Sea. Leading a band of some fifty men, all hardened fighting men, and surrounded by a core of Haedrasian warriors, it is rumoured that Bruke was once a paladin of Haederas - it is certain that he served in the Imperatry Legions - and that he deserted after a particularly brutal conflict along the Maldrak border to the north.


Small for a Haedrasian, Bruke makes up for his lack of height with breadth - his massive shoulders, knotted arms and hammer-like fists make him seem large despite his stature. Bruke wears his jet black hair long, and tied up at the back, and his beard is ringletted in the Haedrasian style, but this is his only not to his heritage. His face is hard, his lantern-jaw square, his features romaneque and his brows elegant, but his visage is bisected by an ugly scar running from just above his left eyebrow, over the bridge of his nose, down to the base of his right cheek. His black eyes are deeply set and dangerous. Bruke has embraced the dress and armament of his new home, he clads himself in a kelorn tunic and armours himself in Ork√Ľn chitin, wielding a falchion of precious goblynforged steel.


There is something undeniably dangerous about Bruke. He is quiet and measured of tone, and methodical of action, but everything about him belies some hidden danger lurking just below the surface. Perhaps it is his purposeful, single minded manner, or how inured he is to violence, or something darker about the man, but he can be menacing without even trying. However if this is a first impression, those who get to know Bruke the Tyrant find him to be the consummate professional. He is a man who takes contracts very seriously, and who will only cross a man if he is crossed first. And though his loyalty is for sale, once purchased it is absolute - for the duration of the contract of course.


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Riding with his band, Bruke's Lances, Bruke employs some fifty hardened warriors, but he leans heavily on his two sergeants, Veneto and Lepon, both Haedrasians. Bruke does business with some of the most prominent names of the region, being employed by various qadars in the fells from time to time, and occasionally escorting groups north into the crooked plains, to attempt to found kingdoms there. However more often than not he finds employ with the various patricians of Camar, in dealing with the machinations of Lodel and bandits from the northern mountains. At present Bruke is in the service of Hamat, Patrician of the northern city of Dosa, where he keeps the lawless chaos of northern Lodel from spilling over the borders.


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