Burroughs Of Highdunn

Overall, the nation of Highdunn is made up from seventeen distinct political divisions - the earldoms of the Tresser Veldt, the burrough of Sonalburrough, that comprises then entirety of the Roughlands, and the so-called heartland burroughs. Each of the burroughs is ruled over by a Baron or Earl, except for the royal burrough of Thairburrough, which is directly controlled by the king, and each (again, excluding Thairburrough) has a roughly equal place in the economic and political pecking order of Highdunn.


The barony of Dorinburrough is the domain of Baron Ferdinand Dorin. Occupying the western extent of the heartlands of Highdunn, and of the Oldarth Plains, Dorinburrough is the gateway to the Tresser Veldt, and the road to Kithridge is the most heavily trafficked routes between the western Earldoms and the heart. Roads also lead from the city of Dorinburrough to Talinburrough and Dartburrough, and goods bound for Thairon over the Forest Way pass through here if they choose the overland route, meaning that timber and other veldt goods are commonplace in the warehouses of Dorinburrough.


Ruled over by the venerable Roland Farr from the tiny city of Fardell, the barony of Farburrough sits south of Whitehale, on the fringes of the Great Fenns, on the northern Oldarth plains, between the burroughs of Marktonburrough and Dorinburrough. Farburrough has the dubious distinction of being the most out of the way part of Highdunn, with little to offer beyond wheat and corn, and little trade moving through its borders thanks to well trafficked routes to the east and west.


The barony of Keinburrough straddles the Thair in the southern reaches of the Oldarth Plains, north of the royal burrough and Merburrough, and south of Midoweburrough with major roads running from the capitol of Keinburrough to Merburrough, Thairon and Midowe. The barony is largely agricultural, with some of Highdunn's richest crops coming from Keinburrough, and the greener hills stretching out of the Roughlands form the barony's northern border. The ageing Baron Aldur Kein rules over the Barony, but it seems unlikely that he will do so for many more years.


The barony of Mainburrough sits at the heart of the Mainburrough Hills, where they become bare and rocky and enter the Roughlands. Roads lead through the city of Mainburrough north to Markton and south then west to Midowe. Mainburrough is one of the poorest baronies of Highdunn, alongside Whitehaleburrough, with little in its lands of any use, but extensive farms with herds of goats, cattle, oxen and sheep thriving in the hills. The Baron Ilario Foster is a cousin of the House of Main, and has set his sights of emulating his neighbour Midoweburrough as a centre of industry, trying to attract unaligned goblyns, however he also suffers raids from the goblyns of the Giant Maw, and it is often difficult to persuade people to accept one goblyn over another.


The barony of Marktonburrough is bordered in the north by the Great Fenns, the east by the Roughlands and the south by the Mainburrough Hills, but the barony itself is covered by the north-eastern reaches of the rich Oldarth Plains. Roads lead from Dartburrough and Mainburrough to the capitol of Markton, but few major routes lead into the Roughlands despite the proximity of Nashby to the north. Marktonburrough is the agricultural hub for Whitehaleburrough and points east, but mixes large herds of beasts and a little industry, as well as trade with neutral goblyn tribes to create a diverse economy, and small towns are regular if sparsely populated. The Baron Lauro Mark is a man of immense pride, who resists the preconception that his lands are a cut off backwater.


Merburrough is the smallest of Highdunn's Baronies, sitting between the royal burrough and the Roughlands on the southern coast. A single road runs north from the capitol of Merburrough to Keinburrough, and barge routes along the coast to Thairon are also a common way of moving goods between Sonalport and points west. The Baron of Merburrough is Allan Mayer, the eldest son of the first Mayer Baron of Merburrough.


The barony of Midoweburrough sits where the Mainburrough Hills meet the Oldarth Plains at the northern reaches of the River Thair. The capitol city of Midowe is the centre of a network of roads leading to Keinburrough, Riala, Mainburrough and Talinton. Midowe is known for hardier crops, but it generally thought of as a quarrying and stone cutting barony with many of the goods produced here barged downriver to Thairon. Midowe is also a centre of industry, producing many of the metal tools and weapons of Highdunn. The Baron of Midoweburrough is Kevin Midden keeps open negotiations with unaligned goblyns, and a small goblyn quarter in Midowe attests to his willingness to cooperate with these creatures, but he does not welcome their foul tempered horses.


From his modest capitol city of Milton, Baron Alonzo Marten rules over one of the smaller of the thirteen heartland burroughs. Located on the western banks of the Thair, just north of Thairburrough, Milburrough was once known for the many water wheels it used to mill its wheat to flour (though surprisingly this is not the source of the burrough's name) but now it is better know for the large monastic brotherhood attached to the Order of the Sanctuary, known simply as the Milburrough Brotherhood. Densely settled despite its small size, the town of Alton is also growing into a large and bustling city.


Rialaburrough is one of the wealthiest of the Baronies of Highdunn. Situated on the north of the River Stower and the banks of Lake Riala, with major routes running through the city of Riala to Torburrough and Talenburrough the city is not a gateway into Southaven or the Veldt, but much of the culture and wealth of those lands seems to flow to Rialaburrough. The barony is pleasant, occupying some of the loveliest parts of the Oldarth Plains and is home to Highdunn's finest breweries and wineries, with vineyards and orchards here and there. Rialaburrough is ruled by the Barons of Rial, and the latest in that line is Avon Rial, a known patron of the arts and sponsor of grand festivities.


Sonalburrough comprises the entirety of the region known as the roughlands. Easily the largest political delineation in all of Highdunn, for Baron Odo the sheer scope of the domain with which he is charged is far more a curse than a blessing. Including the settlements of Sonalburrough, Sonalport, and Nashby to the north, on the border of Lake Nash, it is also home to the infamous and oft fabled town of Dead Lizard Gulch.


The barony of Talinburrough occupies nearly the dead centre of the heartlands of Highdunn and the Oldarth Plains. Rich agricultural lands, their crops produce much of the wealth of Highdunn's heart. Roads lead from the capitol of Talinton to Midowe, Riala and Dorinburrough. To the north the city of Dartburrough also falls into the domain of the Baron of Talinburrough Micheli Talin. Talinburrough is the only barony in the heart with two major settlements in it's borders, making it the most populous part of the heart, but far from the wealthiest or most influential.


The Royal Burrough of Thairburrough is not a Barony, and it's lands are ruled and controlled directly by the King of Highdunn, Eldin Reise. Situated around the mouth of the Thair, the fertile flood plains around the river are excellent farmlands, and the Teth Bay forming the southern border is the furthest eastern reach of shipping in Ahlonia. The Teryth Forest covers much of the coastal land around the port-capitol of Thairon. Major roads lead out to Torburrough and Keinburrough, and goods coming up and down the Thair make the city the hub of trade in Highdunn, and Thairon one of the great cities of Ahlonia.


The Barony of Torburrough occupies the westernmost portion of Highdunn's southern coast, bordered by the royal burrough in the east, the River Stower and Southaven in the west, and Rialaburrough in the north with major roads running to Riala and Thairon, and to Stowerbridge and Southaven. The River Tor runs through the heart of the Barony, and the capitol city of Torburrough sits on a fork in the city, working as a navigable port despite being so far inland. Torburrough is ruled by the Barons of Tor, the current bearer of the title being Henry Claire, fifth of his line to rule as Baron.


The Barony of Whitehaleburrough sits in the north of the heartlands of Highdunn, between the Tresser Veldt and the Roughlands. It is the largest of the heartland baronies, occupying the majority of the region known as the great fenns and and much of the surrounding land. Whitehaleburrough is known for civil unrest, and the fenns are still home to vagrants, insurgents and bandits, and dangerous places to travel. Roads lead to Nashby, Caneburrough and Dartburrough, all linking in the centre of the barony at the city of Whitehale. Clarence White is a direct descendant of the first Baron of Whitehale, and his lineage looks likely to continue unbroken.