Tech Code: 6
Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fief of Byrnham.
Religions: The Crucible of Light.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Tohl Freygayne


Physical Geography

Lying, as it does, in the shadow of the grandeur of Blackstone, this craggy, lightly wooded land with fertile plains along its broad, stormy coast, seems somehow mundane, though anyone sailing straight into Byrnham (BURN-ham) would understand the legendary wild beauty of the Dunsain lands.

Political Geography

Byrnham has always been a little unstable

Social Geography

There are few major divisions in Byrnham beyond the political

Faith and Worship

Rosker, the horned divhi of fire and light



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Folk of Byrnham

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

The King of Byrnham, His Majesty Lôthar Kingslayer
lothar.jpgThe current King of Byrnham is the first of his dynasty, has made an extensive study of hedge magic but has no real talent for it, and lacks the courage to put anything into practice. Also a fine tactician and enthusiastic historian, Lôthar earned his last name by slaying his predecessors in both Byrnham and Blackstone, reuniting the High Kingdom of Byrnham for the first time since the purges of the Red Hand.

Prince of Byrnham, His Highness Trystrum Uth-Lôthar
The eldest son of the King of Byrnham is the youthful Trystrum. Barely in his sixteenth year, with only the downy traces of his beard, Trystrum is, none the less, already a fine warrior, and is the first of his line to bear the new family name - that of his father the Kingslayer.

Kahra The Seeress
For some time now Lôthar has kept a witch in his employ, not what one might expect in a witch, Karah is a middle aged woman, unremarkable but far from horrid, with a soft voice and gentle demeanour. Though she suffers from violent fits occasionally, and cannot handle bright light for long periods, she is otherwise very much just another courtier at Caer Byrnham.

Setting Trait (2e): Waiting for a Spark It would be fair to call Byrnham 'volatile'. In fact it might be an understatement. There has always been an air of tension - of rebellion about the place and its folk. Defiance is bred deep, and it takes little to unsettle a part of the domain, and much to calm it. The Kings of Byrnham have learned to tread light - may a time caers have fallen to unruly mobs, and noblemen been put to the torch.

Today in the Fire Wood…

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