Cadamann Of Tohl Caldare

Personal soothsayer to the court of the Prince of Caldare, Cadamann the Soothsayer is known for his predictions and insights, and for a vast, perhaps unequaled knowledge of prophecy, but he can also boast of modest talents as a magician. While most Shaeish monarchs keep a soothsayer in their employ, Cadamann is perhaps the most revered and respected of his mystical profession to be found in the Shaeish Kingdoms - though the mysterious Reuban the Riddler outstrips him in the eyes of most people.


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Cadamann follows traditions and teachings older than the High Kingdom itself, attiring himself in truly ancient Ral garb which he claims dates back before the Sundering, or the departure from the Isle of Men as, he claims, does his craft. Using the ancient practice of casting rune stones Cadamann can see the past, present and future, and he reveals all to Darran Caldare, or at least as much as he thinks prudent. However he staunchly refuses to grant such readings to any other, claiming that the more he sees of the future the more his actions change prior readings. Ever mysterious, the servants of Caldare-Tor avoid Cadamann, fearing his power and his 'evil eye'.


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