Caer Deresh Slums

The colossal ruin of Caer Deresh sits on the north-western corner of the middle city of Tohl, on the border between the Gate Ward and the Old Ward. Caer Deresh, like all of the other wall-forts of the middle city of Tohl, is staggering in scale, with four great baileys each of which could house a town on it's own. The walls have been breeches in many places, stones torn down so that the ruin could never be used as a fortress by an invading force, but enough stands that over a thousand of the city's poorest have made their homes huddling against the stone walls. Each of the baileys contains a small shanty-town of canvas and debris and broken timber that has been stolen or borrowed or just gathered and dragged here to form a shelter large enough for a single body to lie under and be sheltered from the rain. The smell here is awful, and stray dogs and large rats prowl the avenues boldly, even during the daylight hours. Men die under their shelters, and they go untouched until the crows come to pick their bodies clean. Only then do the looters also descend, alerted by the crows to opportunity. The largest and most powerful band together, and they alone live in the shelter of the ruined keep. Occasionally a party of Palisade Guard, at the behest of the watch, will march in and massacre everyone in the keep, but usually the cleverest are long gone before they arrive.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population: 1,150 approx.
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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