Caer Sygard

The only one of the old fortresses that once guarded the approaches to The City still kept active is Caer Sygard. The surrounding walled homes form an almost totally independent settlement and represents a pocket of fortified and well defended upper class society in a sea of slums. Entered via a gate that runs from the south ward to the only private gate into The City, Caer Sygard is made up of six baileys all mounting to an enormous keep and nearly full temple sized chapel, where the scions of House Sygard still keep court and have their coronations.

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Made of the same giant blue-grey slabs as the walls, the fortress sits slightly above the walls to the middle city, It is a sheer, austere structure that reflects none of the chaos of The City beyond. Walls are a dead fall from the crenelations on the exterior, and in the baileys lean-to buildings rest against the walls as the baileys ascent around the round central keep, which is entered via the final bailey. The keep itself is nothing more than a huge round tower with walls and gates fanning out from it. The broad expanse at the top offers amazing views over The City, and more than once has hosted a blustery ball or other social gathering. No attempt at beauty has been made, Caer Sygard is an imposing, towering, ugly fortress, and unapologetically so.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

The castallion of Caer Sygard is a man named Borden, who administrates a staff of five stewards and hundreds of various household staff.

Siegfried Sygard
Siegfried Sygard and his family occupy extensive chambers near the middle of the central keep, and below are the audience chambers and guest rooms, while above are the guardrooms and barracks and armouries leading out onto the walls.

Dalen Brightspear
The captain of the guard is commoner and infantry veteran Dalen Brightspear, a specialist in siege combat.