Callis left Whitehale just over a years ago after a housebreak went bad, the garrison were all on the lookout for an individual matching his description - and that's just not good for business. This lanky youth finds it exceptionally difficult to practice his trade in such a small village as Markton, where there are relatively few travellers passing through, and the locals quickly get to know any new addition to the community.


Lanky and mustelidine, Callis is a natural runner and this one fact has probably shaped his entire life. With short shorn hair, bright, enthusiastic eyes, round features, clean jaw and ruddy skin his youth and energy shine through the tough living that he has endured. Usually dressed in little better than rags, Callis works hard to keep his appearance as close to peasant garb as he can afford, because it is essential to his livelihood that he blend in in a crowd. The youth speaks too fast, and often his words overtake his tongue, spilling out hastily, but he is quick to laugh and slow to despair.


Callis has managed to retain a certain lightness despite the hardship of his life, and while he never tells them right he delights in bawdy stories, the more luridly detailed the better. Not even in his third decade he has a certain naivety of a man who has lived his entire life in one city and seen little of the world beyond crowded markets and even more crowded labour houses. He tries to hide his wide-eyed fascination with the outside world, but it shines through his humour in his eyes. Callis travels light and is always ready to run no matter what. It has made his life what it is so far, and is probably the only thing that keeps him alive.


Hailing from Whitehale, Callis was orphaned in his first half-decade. Surviving by begging was challenging so he soon began to steal from the purses of passers-by and his speed sand stamina meant that he survived uncaught in this new profession for close to a decade now. For security he has taken to running with other cutpurses as often as possible, but with the frequency with which his companions were either captured or driven out of the city he had little opportunity to form any permanent bonds. Then, only a year ago Callis was talked into a housebreak by an older thief. The job was disastrous, and everyone involved except Callis and his employer, a man who called himself Rand. Pre-empting a search by the proper authorities or by his employer Callis got out of Whitehale as quickly as possible and has been moving between outlaw settlements since, but in these vagrant communities theft is a far less lucrative and more dangerous prospect, and Callis has become thin and sickly because of this.


Since coming to Markton Callis has made the acquiescence of a gang of pickpockets and con men, including Adren Broen, Doland and the streetwalker Caylen. Like all thieves this group are close and tight-knit, and rely on one another when they're in trouble or when times are lean. While Callis is certainly the junior member of the group in terms of skill and experience, his innocence is appealing, and he is well liked. The local guard contingent in Markton has also noted the young man, and though they have yet to catch him doing anything criminal, they expect to very soon.


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