The merchant Callum administrates the import and export of Iron Ore through Tohl from Kovarth and the southern Lammornian caravan route on behalf of the King of Tarabat. A stout, powerful man of considerable girth and sour disposition, he is generally disliked and not especially well respected amongst the other traders of The City, but his gold is good and in healthy supply. He lives in a fine house in Breakford with his young wife and two sons of whom he is exceptionally proud, and who are possibly the only things other than gold that really bring this miser any joy. Behind closed doors he is often compared to a toad in a wig, and the description is apt if unflattering. Business rivals are fond of telling Calum to “slither back into the Silver where you spawned”. Indeed Callum does spend months at a time living on his personal barge as he travels to a small town south of The City for a few days every month to administrate the major ore delivery of the month at a fortified coaching inn.


appearance, voice, mannerisms, clothes and trappings


personality, moods, regular behaviour


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


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