Calryth Firewraith

Though he is still relatively young, Calryth Firewraith is already thought highly of amongst the Selarin Knights. Apprentice to Ulhïr Uth Bale, the most mysterious, controversial, and radical of the order, he clearly saw something in the bright youth, whose low birth would normally preclude paige service, or the knighthoods for him. And in his few years under Ulhïr, Calryth has learned much, and seen many things, but he has always been protected by his cautious tutor.


Claryth is a specimen of Ralstaan youth, bronze-skinned, pale haired and lean. He wears his mane long, as any warrior should, and already his braid stretches to the small of his back, and is wound with copper cord to keep it strong. Calryth's neat beard is new-grown, and he keeps it short, but often time is too short to trim, and it grows full, and makes up for a weak, pointed chin. Thick, dark-hued eyebrows surmount deep-set almond eyes of red-brown. Calryth is small of stature, but his martial training has made him thick and explosive. Though he seldom goes about in his full mail, he does favour a tunic of chestnut quilted armour on the road, and since he has earned his warsword, he wears it with pride, and keeps it polished to a mirror surface. Those who look closely will note that his cheeks and jaw show signs of being broken on multiple occasions, and two of his teeth are badly cracked, and frequently give him pain.


Young Firewraith earned his name with a volcanic temper, that simmers once slighted to scalding heat. Ulhïr has taken it upon himself to sooth these outbursts that so often got the smaller man hurt by larger, more skilled opponents, but Calryth is still given bouts of flaming, self-righteous fury that come as unheralded as a wraith in the night. Still, Calryth has proved a good student, and his determination, ability to quickly grasp ideas, and eagerness to learn have all made his progress fast, and more than earned him his place in an order that, by right of birth, he should not hold. Calryth is proud of this - often too proud - and can't help but sometimes rub his fellows' faces in his success.


Born in the sprawling free hamlet of Carrack in the lands of Craigbyrn, Calryth was the son of a woodsman named Pal, who lost his mother in childbirth. The youngest of four of Pal's sons, they lived on a small claim, where they gathered wood, felled trees, hunted, and traded in furs and various herbs from the forest with the hamlet's other churls. Life was a simple one, but Calryth was bright, ambitious, and hungry. When Pal fell ill, he despaired that his sons would have no one to care for them, and be orphaned, and when the knight Ulhïr Uth-Bale came to the town searching for a man in black who had passed through some days earlier, the ailing Pal begged the knight to take his two youngest sons Bruller and Calryth as servants, if only he could promise their care. In need of some new retainers anyway, Ulhïr agreed.

Calryth was taken with the learned and worldly knight immediately, and slowly Ulhïr came to realize the youth's intelligence and drive. He began to teach both boys letters and numbers. It was in the early stages of this education that Bruller tired of such endeavours, and ran away. He was captured by the guard in Balan's Tor, and executed for vagrancy before Ulhïr could intervene. Calryth mourned, but at the same time the old laoch's time was now almost entirely his own. When he was eventually named apprentice to Uth-Bale it came as little surprise, and a several month return to Tohl Dannis saw him also initiated into the order, before Ulhïr returned to fetch Calryth, taking him to the far north again, still on the trail of the man in black.


Aside from Ulhïr, Calryth has few connections in the world. He was isolated from the churls of Carrack, and his father is likely dead. With Bruller gone, this leaves him with only his eldest brothers Urik and Fanar as family, and he has not seen them in over a decade, though doubtless they still live in the same little cabin. Ulhïr's retinue - his bard Jedt, his young fore-rider Edwan, his bannerman Braig, and his greying squire Rowley might make a small retinue for a respected knight, but they are enough for Calryth to consider a new family. And of course, he has a nemesis he has never sighted, in their mysterious and elusive quarry the man in black. He may have never set his eyes on the sorcerer, but he has seen enough of his work - men who swallow their own tongues rather the continue to speak of what he showed them, towns starving for fear of leaving their homes, livestock sick and dead, and disease so virulent as to wipe out entire hamlets - that Calryth hates the man as surely as any on Allornus.


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Character Traits

Pride Cometh Before a Fall (2)

Calryth is given to cockiness, and more often than not this gets him into trouble. While Calryth can hold his own in a physical altercation, he seldom comes out entirely on top, and yet no matter how many beatings he takes he just can't seem to help himself. Eager to prove and better himself, he insists that others notice when he does.

From Humble Beginnings (1)

Calryth was born a churl, nothing more than the son of a free-hamlet woodsman, and he has come a long way. Unlike the other noble knights and lofty priest-princes of Ralstaa, Calryth knows what the life of a common man is, and he has never lost touch with the way his forefathers lived and died.

Selarin Brotherhood (1)

Calryth is a member of the Selarin Order, and though he is not highly regarded in that revered brotherhood, he is never the less initiated into its number, giving him eminence and resources he would lack otherwise. The Selarins aid their own, and their members are held in great esteem by the folk of Ralstaa.