Calum Garrow

The serious Calum Garrow is a respected and skilled member of the King's Own, Highdunn's elite military who administer the law enforcement and defence of the kingdom. Well thought of until a disastrous raid against a large party of bandits that left his entire command dead, Calum has been reassigned to the small settlement of Cavalier's Falls on the borders of the Forest Kingdom to recuperate, while his superiors decide whether or not he is fit to remain in their illustrious ranks.


Calum is not a handsome or gallant man. His features are craggy, drawn and heavily lined. His skin like leather, his eyes oddly piercing and his jaw permanently clenched in an austere grimace. Calum’s hair, which he wears long and shaggy, is generally oily and lank. His one affectation to fashion is his long drooping moustache, but this only really serves to highlight the grim tension of his jaw line. Beneath his armour Calum is taught, but no less leathery, and his body is criss-crossed with white scar-tissue. His shield arm, annihilated years ago by a particularly heavy blow to the shield from a Giant’s club, is white and bulbous where the biceps has healed wrong, and it still angles back from his body strangely, though he refuses to ever show that it troubles him.


Calum Garrow of the Highdunn Kingsown is a dour, serious man who considers a laugh or a smile a sign of idleness; however he tends not to hold others up to his own high standards. Grave Calum is loyal to his King without question, and focused on his duty and on the task at hand. He has few real interests beyond his job, but has honed his fighting and command capabilities to an art. In single combat with his mace and shield there are few King's Own who can best him and it is his skilfulness and combat acumen that allow him to overcome many more powerful and tenacious opponents with a single well placed stroke. Calum is patient, disciplined and always plans out his actions well before he takes them, and has a keen sense for combat, though he tends to be unobservant and aloof outside of a fight.


Calum’s father was a King's Own killed in the Maethian coup, but his position in this elite force was guaranteed by his birth. He was born in Thairon and spent his early years of service in the watch, where he moved from the outer walls to the prestigious service at the Palace gates, and even briefly as honour guard to Eldin Reise. Recently however he has been being dispatched to large heartlands settlements to command local militias. After a three year commission to the magistrate at Midowe that ended in a bloody putting down of a bandit raid he returned to Thairon to be re-posted, his whole entourage dead, and was sent to Cavalier's Falls north of Southaven for a quieter term of service.


Calum always travels with his jovial manservant Henric Ansell, who he has had with him for close to a decade now. While their relationship is clearly defined as that of master and servant, their camaraderie and mutual respect is clear to all. Calum has a wife, Helena, and two daughters, Halie and Amanda, on his small freehold in Thairburrough, but he spends little time there, as his duty takes him all over Highdunn, and sometimes even beyond its borders. He has made few real enemies, and even acted as a personal guard to the King for a time, but he has few friends in the Kingsown either, and acts largely alone in executing his duty. He reports directly to Alvin Ferron, Doge of Cavalier's Falls, though his methods are his own.


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