Camar (kar-MAR) is only a small land. A sparsely settled domain of well-watered plains rolling from the Bosot Mountains south to the shores of the Inner Sea. Divided between the Patricians of three great cities, each located along the river that forms the eastern border, in a loose alliance that barely keeps the land whole, and if the qadars of the Goblynfells to the west had their way it would fall under their boots. Camar would be an afterthought - a backwater in an ancient and civilized region - save for one thing. In the north the Camari Pass leads through the Bosots into the Crooked Plains, and via a jagged and ancient wagon road, to Maldarka. The only open route over those mountains sees foreign trade with the Orkûn of the plains and the sinister Darkmen make Camar one of the most important regions in the new Inner Sea Basin.

Tech Code: 6
Governments: Totalitarian government under the patricians of Rendor, Dosa and Hallufport.
Religions: Mining (marble, lead, rock salt), trade with Maldarka, mercantile ventures, mercenaries
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain: Flatlands, mountains, sea
Primary Languages: Bosk, Kelorn, Irian, Vashri.
Major Settlements: Assart, Birritai, Dhimpani, Dort, Dosa, Foss, Hallufport, Kalabash, Kharpus, Krisanti, Manda, Mandipani, Rendor, Rortina, Shamut, Skelenport, Skelt, Sumraport, Taddapan, Vannapani, Witch Point.


Physical Geography

Stretching from the northern shores of the Inner Sea in the south, to the great Camari Pass in the north, which opens up into the vast emptiness of the Crooked Plains, Camar occupies what might be considered a position of great economic power - or it would if anyone had any interest in travelling north. Dominated by dusty plains known as the Sŭmranfields, Camar is bordered by the River Khiori in the west, and the River Sŭmra in the east. In the south the coast of the Inner Sea is predominantly silty beaches and mangrove swamps, but just to the east of the island of Shalagar the Sŭmari Straits empty into a deep natural harbour, allowing access to the harbour of Rendor. In the north the foothills of the Bosots, where they descend into the Camari Pass, past Lake Denishan where the grasslands of the Crooked Plains begin, prove rich and fertile and scattered evergreen woods are common. Though the rocky slopes of the mountains quickly become bare as the craggy peaks are battered by wild winds.

Like all lands south of the Bosots and north of the inner sea, Camar is pleasantly temperate, but rainy. Most days see a fine drizzle for at least a few hours, and in spring the melt running off the Bosots causes flooding through northern Camar, and makes conditions in the north sticky and humid. Even when the showers pass the skies are seldom clear. This leads very little variation in temperature day to night.

Political Geography

The Patricians of Camar might have proven powerful had their northern pass ever had value, but controlling the gateway to the crooked plains has brought little benefit to Camar. The occasional Darkman trade caravan keeps trade regular and profitable, but the volatile nature of Camar's northern neighbour means that little stock can be placed in such ventures. Still, Camar is a wealthy and stable nation, but it is often beset by ambitious Qadars from the west, and by bandits and pirates in its uplands and coast, and so Camar has had to be as strong as it is wealthy, and many mercenaries and sell-swords make their homes here.

Civilization in Camar clusters in the east, along the banks of the sŭmra, where the three great cities of Camar; Dosa, Rendor and Hallufport, sit. Farmlands are common between the river and the tradeway into the pass, and into the centre of the domain. Further to the west the patricians influence wanes, as the various mercenary bands and the villages they serve become more sparse, and the plains become more wild and rough. The border with the Goblynfells, and the lands for perhaps a day's ride east are all but abandoned.

Technically the three patricians rule here, though their influence does not extend for more than a day or two's ride from their capitals. Of course, their coin extends their influence as far as they choose. Immensely wealthy, and regularly engaged in skirmishes with Lodel and with the various Qadars of the fells, the patricians here keep some very talented, experienced and ruthless mercenary bands in work, and so when they need to extend their influence throughout the land they simply open their coffers and do so by sheer force. For this reason remote villages are fearful, and always make sure to send their tribute to their rulers at the allotted time. Sadly the presence of so many mercenary parties means that in peacetime they quickly turn to banditry, and so often these mercenary bands are pitted against one another, as one is hired to end the banditry of another.

Setting Trait (2): A Mercenary Economy So frequently do the Patricians of Camar face attack from Lodel and the Qadars of the Fells, and so large can these attacks prove, that it is simply not economic for them to take men from their fields for the bulk of a year. And so, Camar is a land of professional warriors - hired mercenaries - with no armies of its own. The problem is, when there is no war, large forces of armed men with nothing to do quickly turn to banditry and chaos. Camar has waged wars in the past, just to give these men something to do, and thin their numbers.


The wealth of the Camari patricians comes from their trade with the Darkmen. Darkman caravans have nowhere to go save for the Camari Pass, and a need for a diversity of goods, and while no one but the Darkmen ride in to Maldarka, their caravans travel down into the cities of Camar, where they can acquire diverse goods from all of the nations of the old Kelorn lands, and bring the fine metalwork and textiles that they produce to trade in return - as well as their red-tinged Darkman gold. Many also whisper that the patricians keep their pockets lined with Haedrasian gold in return for assisting Haedrasian agents in watching the Darkmen, and infiltrating their caravans.

To keep the nation strong and united the patricians meet in council three times a year, and consult with one another on any matters of warfare or diplomacy, but each is free to make his own laws. For several generations the patricians of the three great provinces have followed one another in matters of law and policy however. The patricians are usually happy to aid their fellows in times of need, but in financial matters they are usually looking to turn the best profit they can, so while one city might readily lend gold to another, in the long term they expect to earn a generous profit in repayment. Totally without feudal nobility, a patrician's rule is absolute, and the loyalty of his bureaucracy and army are his because he pays them. For this reason a single line of patricians seldom lasts more than a few generations without a coup, and a patrician very seldom takes the risk of dynastic succession.

Social Geography

Camar is one of the most mixed-race nations in all of the basin, with a quarter of its population being made up of feller Goblyns, and a further tenth being Hobgoblyns as well as its native Kelorns and Darkmen out of the north. Orkûn also come out of the plains to trade, and a few live in the northern foothills, but they do not consider themselves citizens of Camar, and are mostly thought of as foreign traders rather than residents.

There are really two classes of citizen in Camar. The city-dwellers are employed in trade, and wealthy merchants keep goods moving north and south. They enjoy the protection of the patricians, and their armies and walls and law. In the smaller villages out in the countryside life is quite different. They are left to defend themselves, provide for themselves, and pay tribute in goods or coin for the right to do it. Worse still they are victims of banditry by veteran warriors who ride into town and take what they want. And even when the patricians do deign to send them help, their homes are turned into a battlefield by ruthless professionals bent of destroying one another. Still, for a countryside villager to move his family to the city is equally impossible. The wealth of the cities means living there has become incredibly expensive, and the poor here are driven out to work in the fields of the villages.

While cities tend to be cosmopolitan affairs, with races mixing in every district and a dozen languages heard on any given corner, villages are usually segregated by race, meaning that the countryside is a patchwork of isolated racial and cultural groups. The little round hut clusters of Hobgoblyn hamlets, the sandstone and adobe of Kelorns and the plastered brick of the distinctive conical Goblyn farmhouses are as likely as one another to appear on the horizon, and even the hide and chitin tents of the Orkûn aren't uncommon in the northwest.

Faith and Worship




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The Camari

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Sinan Nahsunn, Patrician of Rendor
The Patrician of the mighty province of Rendor, Sinan Nahsunn, is the man to whom the other rulers of Camar look for guidance. Ruler of the central territories of Camar, he faces the worst of Dolremm's 'tests' of Camar's borders, but so far has proved himself more than ready for whatever the eastern nation can throw at him. A canny politician and talented economist, Sinan knows well the profits that the Darkmen bring into his lands, but he also knows that the Haedrasians see him as a way to infiltrate their ancestral foes, and he is determined to exploit the situation without affecting the status quo. Relatively young, cunning and manipulative, Sinan reasons that his profits are the profits of his people, and is the only one of his fellows to sponsor poorhouses and handouts in Rendor. Perhaps he feels that he needs to be popular, or his ego demands that his people love him, or perhaps Sinan actually believe that it is his duty to pass down his prosperity to those who toil to bring it to him.

Hamat, Patrician of Dosa
Hamat of Dosa rules the northern province of Camar, where the plains give way to the foothills of the Camari Pass. Hamat is an old fashioned autocrat, who truly believes that the Camari Pass should be one of the great hubs of the world, and he has waited a lifetime for the rest of Allornus to realize it. Hamat dislikes the Darkmen that pass his borders immensely, and sometimes he struggles to hide it. He does not trust the haughty northerners, and he likes the oarkûn tribesmen of the crooked plains even less. It is almost certainly this attitude that has made Dosa an almost exclusively human city, with only a few goblyn and hobgoblyn locals. However Hamat knows how important trade to the north is, so he swallows his distaste and welcomes the traders with false pleasantries.

Remhi, Patrician of Hallufport
Hallufport is merely a city, not an entire province, but Remhi wields enough power from his various trade connections to equal, if not surpass, any of his more expansive neighbours. This canny Goblyn is not the first of his kind to be made patrician of Hallufport, and given the large Goblyn community of Hallufport he likely will not be the last. While he is not the most economically savvy of his kind, gold rolls into the coffers of Hallufport like water flows down the Sŭmra. While Halluf once reached the entire stretch of the coast, recent rulers have pulled their influence back and back, reasoning that the villages they once protected must still come to them to trade, and Remhi has simply continued in this mould.

Rundha the Dog
Of all of the mercenary commanders found in Camar - and there are a lot whose names are known - none have achieved the fame or ill repute of Rundha the Dog. Indeed, since the Dog turns to banditry unless he is kept in someone's employ, everyone keeps as close an eye as possible on he and his band. The Dog frequents the hills to the north, where he habitually tests himself against the forces of the Qadars to the west. Canny Goblyn commanders know that no mercenary can match their sheer numbers, but the younger, more headstrong of the Goblyn commanders face his band in skirmishes and lose war party after war party. However Rundha's band show a special interest in Darkman caravans, taking them whenever they have the opportunity.

Ryheem Damaskar
The Goblyn Ryheem, of the house of Damaskar, is an outcast. Once a sangoma of the Bahruic Secrets this flamboyant and eccentric seer-priest was cast out by his own kind because of the wild and uncontrolled nature of the gift that dwells within him. But if his status as outcast from his home, his faith and his house have slighted him he shows it not an inch. Ryheem is a wanderer and a mercenary, his powers are considerable, and his price high but to those who can afford his services he is indeed a mighty asset, both as diviner and channeller. One of the most famous and feared freelances in all of Camar, armies have been known to retreat simply because the opposing force hired him at the last moment.


Social Etiquette and Customs

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Arts and Entertainment

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Diet and Eating Customs

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Fashion and Dress

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Religion and Philosophy

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Transportation and Communication

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Common Pass Times

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Architecture and Construction

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Daily Living

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Major Industry

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Setting Trait (2): Gateway to the North Camar is home to the only reliable, safe pass through the Bosots, beside the infamous Burgos Pass far to the north-east. As a result, it is the only gateway into and out of Maldarka not beset by centuries-old war. The Haedrasians would certainly love to lap around behind Baragau Gul had they the inclination to take it, and the Darkmen traders have but one option to take goods out of their home, to foreign markets.

Major Export and Import

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Today In The Northern Passage…

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