Camp Follower Profession

An army, in whatever land it appears, is a settlement on the march. And even the most martial settlement cannot subsist on the backs of soldiers alone. Be they a force scouring the wilderness, holding a fastness, or marching grimly to war, no army travels alone, and will always be trailed by Camp Followers. Pedlars and tinkers, seamstresses and whores, widows and orphans, bone-pickers and scavengers, an army's wake summons them all. And though they receive nothing but scorn from the commanders, and derision from those who might cheer the soldiers as they pass, no army could march without its followers.

Regions: All
Tech. Code: 2, with the birth of great empires, no force could be supported where it stopped. And so the desperate and the clever followed.
Rarity: 2, where armies go, camp followers mass. Elsewhere, they are unknown.
Social Class: 1, the dregs of military society, they are only better than beggars because they rely on trades and not charity for their keep.
Fame: 0, no one notices the sad, bedraggled masses that drag their tired feet behind shining spears and snapping banners.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen - 1 3
Bargaining - 2 3
Brawn 1 2 2
Conning - 2 4
Material Craft 1 3 3
Resolve 1 3 4
Sleight of Hand 1 2 3
Stamina 2 3 4
Wealth 0 1 1
Value 7 33 59

Usual Trappings

  • Rags or traveller's attire.
  • A brass knife or dagger.
  • A crude quality set of tools for their craft of choice.
  • A blanket, bowl and/or cup, spoon, and sometimes a pot.
  • Sometimes flint and tinder.
  • A sturdy pack or strong sack.
  • A few scraps of raw material - cloth, metal, or the like, used for repairs.
  • Often a memento, lucky charm, or minor relic.