Carel Terr

Carel Terr, Earl of Terr has made his name as the slaver earl of the south, and his fortune. The Terr family, since their inauguration as Earls of Terr, have realised the potential of legalized slavery in the south, and Carel’s ancestors, many of them cruel and ruthless men, have made the most of every opportunity. The slave trade has been good to Carel, and while he is not a man noted for cruelty his kindness is costly. He is a man of avarice and luxury who wants nothing more than to live out his reign as comfortably and profitably as he possibly can.


Carel is a blocky man of average height, with wide heavy shoulders, a long lantern jaw and heavy brows. His eyes glint in the shadow of immensely bushy eyebrows and he wears a drooping moustache more in the style of Highdunn’s men. Combined with expensive fur-lined robes and a mink-lined cape and rough silver circlet which he usually wears, cut for comfort rather than style his appearance is more imposing than inspiring. His hair is extremely dark and usually waxed back from his face and the Earl considers himself quite a beauty. Despite his advancing fifth decade the Earl has not yet married, awaiting just the right girl, but he often has balls for the eligible women of the realm to entertain the notion. Carel is reasonably confident that his broad expanse of distant relatives can take up the mantle of rulership if he can’t make the time to produce an heir of his own, and besides which he very much enjoys the company of his slave girls.


The Earl of Terr is a cold man, who openly states that there are few means he finds unconscionable in the pursuit of his own agenda. Though thankfully for the Earls of Galastry and [[[Sherevon]] he seems content to limit his agenda to the acquisition of vast wealth. While the northerners think of Terr as a cruel man because of his link to the slave trade, Terr is never cruel for the sake of it. He is ruthless, uncompromising and unforgiving, and quick to punish and make an example of those who serve him poorly, but he is just as quick to reward those who perform as they are expected, and recognizes the value of loyalty and of good men. Even slaves who serve well are eventually able to earn their freedom, though few ever get past their resentment sufficiently to do so. Terr believes that once a man has owned another man they are like family and those few of his servants who have earned their freedom seem to see him in an almost paternal light.


Carel Terr was groomed for the throne, but he was an independently wealthy man, as a merchant and slaver, well before he took the throne of Terr from his heirless uncle. Despite his advancing years Earl Terr has only been an Earl for nine years, making him the most junior member of the council in terms of experience, having spent his years as heir building his Slavers and Slavecatchers Guild. Still he has spent many many years negotiating, and is a shrewd manipulator, and knows when to concede a small victory to win a big one.


Carel is on good terms with the key figures of most of the major guilds of Terr, and he still chairs the Slavers and Slavecatchers Guild, also called the Pride of Terr. He courts the merchants and is free with the sale of short-term monopolies, and only the slave trade is retained for himself. This has resulted in the merchant class growing rich and fat with their lord. The Earl’s apparent heir at this stage is his first cousin Richard, the leader of a large slave hunting company in Bandar. Richard has the brutality and cruelty of his ancestors, and some even whisper that he would very dearly like to wrestle the throne and, more importantly, the treasury of Terr from his cousin Carel, however as yet he has made no moves. He has a reputation for unnecessary, and often cruel treatment of escaped slaves, and all but the most desperate vagrant turns himself in if he hears Richard tracks him.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Adult (38) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Earl of Terr (3) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (5)
Class Earl (8/6)
Talents Inventory
Fast -1 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful -1
Hale +1
Strong +0
Tough +0 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +0 tool cap test
Insightful -1
Knowledgeable +0 attire environment
Perceptive +0
Wilful +2
Brave -1
Persuasive +2
Forceful +3
Lucky +2

Character Traits

Bachelor Earl (2)

Caral Terr has little real interest in settling down, even if it would be for the good of his dynasty. The idea of family life and children, even cared for by servants, is distasteful to him. He has always believed that love is something for weak minded poets, who do little of use with their lives. Carel has neither romance nor charm in his soul - but self-assuredness more than fills the void.

The Slavelord (2)

Caral Terr is undoubtedly synonymous with slavery in Sigard, and few can truly gauge the true might of his slave armies. He is known for leashing men to his service, and for doing all he can to have them stay there save for his rare mercy. While he may be pragmatic about slavery, it is his ruthlessness with the whip that is the talk of Reddown.