Carin Highseat Uth-Rallis

The reigning High King of all of Ralstaa and patriarch of House Rallis is the ageing but eminent Carin 'Highseat' Uth-Rallis. Now in the late years of his reign, Cairn has not been a king of legend, neither a fool nor a hero, so adequate has Cairn's reign proven that he seems destined to become lost to history. Still, this does not weigh upon the High King, for his life has been a good one, and but for the loss of his beloved wife during childbirth, a relatively happy one. Now he is more concerned with his comfort and his work than his legacy, which belongs to his children.


Carin is a man of unremarkable height, made smaller by the growing stoop of age, and the clear weight of his fur lined finery. His shoulders are narrow and his limbs slender, and despite being only in his sixth decade he looks considerably older. The King's hair is wiry and grey and matted, and even his beard, braided in the style long since out of fashion, is stiff and unruly. The High King's eyes are sunken and surrounded by heavy lines, and his thin lips are similarly framed by signs of wear. His brows and cheeks are high and his nose aquiline and noble. He has the fine features of the Rallis line, but his skin is stiff and drawn over them, making the contours of his skull apparent beneath his skin. The King is pale for a Ralstaan, but still a dark golden tan.


Capable, but soft spoken, Carin is indeed a man of few words, but he enjoys to hear others talk, and often demands that knights and other such travellers tell tales at great length when in his presence. His booming laugh is at odds with his soft voice, and often comes on so suddenly and unexpectedly that it shocks those not familiar with the High King. Carin is a skilled administrator and economist, and has done much for the treasuries of Rallah's Keep during his reign, and while he had days as a knight he was never imposing and has long since ceased to practice his warrior skills, though he can speak with some memory of glorious battles past in his days as a prince. Above all the High King is personable, intelligent and confident but not exceptional in any of these respects. He is apt to his role, a distinction that would make him exceptional were he a normal man, but amongst the legendary High Kings of Ralstaa he fades into mediocrity.


Born in YED 4014 to Agrivar Giantkiller Uth-Rallis and Elenalie Uth-Verne, Carin was the eldest of three sons, all of whom were given the full benefit of their royal lineage in terms of their education in statecraft, warcraft and other scholarly arts. Carin did not excel as a student, though he displayed a great enjoyment of those epic tales of heroism that formed the basis of the House Cults of Ralstaa, and glorified in tales of hero-kings and queens. However the endeavours of he and his two brothers were rather less inspiring by comparison. At twelve he entered his page service to the realm, and by YED 4036 at the age of twenty two years old he was inducted into a lofty and predominantly honorary position within the Palisade Guard, serving as the master of the keys for that illustrious order, and bearing the great keys to the gates of Rallah's Keep. In fact Carin was serving in that very position during the final days of the Bandit Wars, when the Bandit Council marched on Rallah's Keep, and the Palisade Knights led an immense purge of the city resulting in the massacre of thousands of rioters. Carin himself had been acclaimed his father's heir, and so was locked in his apartments in the keep at the time however. In YED 4041 he was married to Alanda of House Caldare in a political union, but the love between the two quickly grew to be deep and genuine. She bore Carin three children, two proud strong sons, and a beautiful daughter, but passed away in the birth of their last child. Carin never remarried, nor considered a mistress as is the style of most Ralstaan kings. In YED 4054 at the dawn of his fifth decade Agrivar finally passed away at a prodigious age, and Carin took the throne of the High King with relatively little acclaim. Over the past fourteen years of capable but undistinguished his reign Carin has focused on making Ralstaa more of what it already is, allowing the temple to move it's base from Tohl to Tohl Dannis, and fostering, even sponsoring, the founding of a number of small new Tors along the great northern highway, which will one day flourish into new kingdoms. While he has not acclaimed an heir, the folk of Ralstaa suspect it will not be long until he names the proud and handsome Daen as the future High King of Ralstaa.


Carin lost his wife Alanda, elder sister of the current Prince of Caldare, during the birth of their daughter, but before her passing the pair had secured the succession of his line with three children; two sons, Daen and Sean, and his youngest, a daughter, Sarissa. The King's only true friend is his royal chamberlain Mheville, but the traditional royalist Kings, Darran of Caldare, Siegfried of Voere, Uther of Cwmbran and Vortigan of Tohl Graihaen are all strong supporters of the High King. The leaders of two of Ralstaa's knightly orders are also in the High King's immediate service, the marshal of the Palisade Knights, Sir Mastorial is given the task of holding Rallah's Keep, and Kadric, Master of the Lloric is charged with defending the royal family at all times. Mastorial and Carin were brothers in arms and close friends during their youth in the Palisade Guard, and the two remain like brothers - of course, like brothers, this means that their relationship can often be a stormy one and fights between the two can be heated, and result in weeks or even months of story silence between the two, usually forgotten suddenly and without provocation once they have run their course.


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