Castle Proudmoore

Castle Proudmoore sits on an island in Lake Dale, joined to the shore and the city of Daultin by a long causeway. The island it is built on is broad and slopes up to the top, and Proudmoore is arranged in four walled baileys around it getting higher and higher as they ascend to the keep on it’s tip. The castle is made of the same mustard yellow sand stone as the rest of the city, and is plain and flat topped. Its towers are squat and square and its windows are extremely tall and narrow, some featuring slivers of decorative stained glass but most thickly barred in black wrought iron. Sculptures of hollow lead decorate the walls and courtyards, and an entire battle scene in lead takes place on either side of the main doors.

Inside most of the chambers of the keep are clad in a dark mahogany and ornately carved and decorated, and the furniture is similar while the halls are the yellowish stone of the outer walls. Everything is ornate and antique, and the Earls of Galastry have always spent a great deal of gold to keep the castle opulent. Furnishings, mementos and artefacts from before the founding of Reddown are scattered on plush velvet cushions on ornate pedestals throughout the long, vaulted halls and antechambers of Proudmoore. The entire effect is an appearance of nonchalant opulence, with priceless objects d’art scattered with careless randomness throughout the imposing fortress, a monument to the wealth of Galastry.

The Doge of Castle Proudmoore is the ageing Loard, and he directs over a hundred soldiers and at least as many servants from his offices in the Doge’s wing. The Earl makes his home in the Earl’s wing. Even more opulent than the rest of the castle this wing also incorporates the Earls' Council room, which remains constantly under the guard of eighteen men chosen specifically for the purpose. Each is rendered completely mute by having his tongue split upon his induction into the order and all are kept totally illiterate. They remain day and night, in and out of session with six men on every eight-hour shift, and while the Earl’s guardsmen have kept their silent vigil no spy or assassin has ever infiltrated the council chamber.

Despite the richness of the castle it is hard to forget that Proudmoore is a fortress; armed guards constantly patrol its walls, and bows and arrows are kept well stocked and maintained along the crenelations. Pots of pitch and dry torches sit in every tower and a line of beacon fires lead from all corners of Reddown to the top of Proudmoore. An incredibly tall and narrow tower from which the Earls can look to the northern and western coast and the boarders of the Forest surmounts the castle. It is a huge, solid stone pillar surrounded by wrought iron walkways and staircases, and it is considered a right of passage for the Galastry heir to walk to the very top of this spire in a storm to prove his courage. It is called simply the outlook, although men of learning also refer to it as the lightning rod.