The Cavaliers are an elite group of mounted landsmen warriors in the Tresser Veldt. The cavaliers likely served as inspiration for the Kingsown that the Kings of Highdunn would later assemble, an entirely mounted unit is assembled in each of the three earldoms of the veldt, and each member of this unit, perhaps a hundred and fifty strong each, represents the finest that the armies of the veldt have to offer. Each Cavalier is given extensive mounted training, the best of the arms and armour, and trained to fight both as a cavalry unit and in smaller units three cavaliers strong to enforce the law, raise and command additional forces and whatever other military role they might be called to perform, often including retrieving kidnapped slaves from goblyn raiders.

Patrons: The Three Earls of the Tresser Veldt
Membership: 436 warriors
Home: Thairon

Cavaliers are mounted on warhorses, they wear a heavy chain coat with a plate breastplate and visored helms open at the chin with long horsehair plumes, and plate grieves and bracers. The armour is so rare that many suits are generations old, worn by dozens of cavaliers before the current owner, and most cavaliers know the history of their armour intimately. Cavaliers are equipped with several light lances, cut to splinter on impact, and also have a sturdier boar-spear in reserve for use against unarmoured opponents. Their secondary weapon is usually a stout flanged horsemans mace, though long swords and hand axes aren't unknown. Horses wear cloth or brigandine barding and are trained to work in tandem with a team of two or three savage war hounds which the cavalier must train and maintain himself. These hounds are usually dobermans, but occasional wolfhounds appear too. Cavaliers carry heavy wooden shields that protect their legs and their horse's flank, and will always try to engage an enemy on their non-weapon flank to ensure that the shield can be used to maximum effect.