Chalarn Mage Clan

The Chalarn Mage Clan, perhaps better known as the Keepers of Secrets, are one of only three surviving of the nine great mage clans that once sought to contain and secure magical knowledge. The Chalarn may have been one of the least respected and influential at the height of the clans, but they quickly proved to be the most efficient and most active in hunting down and containing magical lore. The near-fanatics of the Chalarn were the most passionate in seeking out magical texts and artefacts, and putting them under lock and key in the most secret vaults, but they were also the first to give in to the temptation of their great vaults, and indulge in magical lore. And today they are no less fanatical, tenacious or single minded in hunting down lore - perhaps this accounts for their being one of the most visible and least trusted of the three remaining clans.

Membership: 237 Brothers
Master: The Hardok Council
Home: Mfarndzab Deeping, Kimmura
Colour: Orange
Element: Light
Speciality: Abjuration


The Chalarn are the most liberal in using the lore that they guard. Nearly all of the full initiates have access to a few spells that have been deemed to be 'safe', and instead of relying on the texts that can be locked away again, but could be lost by those outside the deeping, the Chalarn are actually encouraged to commit the gestures and processes of the spells to memory. Of course those spells that are not thoroughly tried and tested are not available to anyone outside the council, and those enchanted artefacts that they guard never leave their vaults.

The Chalarn are nearly entirely focused on collecting as much as they can, roving around Arumthar and sending their most able brethren slipping into Haedrasia, after rumours and shadows, and occasionally coming back with a true prize. They have delved their deeping home, and sought the histories and mysteries of the ancient mariners, and all of this has vanished into the bowels of their impenetrable vaults. Whether the Chalarn seek to strip magic from the world, or just make sure that only their responsible hands wield it, or whether the Council of Hardok is giving way to the hunger for more and more power over the world is unsure. The Chalarn certainly have many dark questions in their past regarding the fall of Arumthar, and the mysterious pale plague, swirling around them, and the lust for divh-like power has certainly reared its head in the past.


The Chalarn are a relatively flamboyant lot, known for wearing ankle-length black smocks with a saffron toga worn over the top, and a stole of either black or orange worn to indicate their rank within the order. Many mages choose to embellish the costume in whatever way they see fit, as those brethren who go about in the world often value reputation and prestige, both as a means to do their work and for more prideful reasons, but the presence of the black robe and saffron toga remain.


The Chalarn are the largest of the surviving mage clans (though only by some thirty brothers). Apart from being without a patriarch the Chalarn are pretty typical of the mage clans past or present. Perhaps two thirds of their number are devoted to keeping the vaults in Kimmura, and cataloguing and guarding what lies within, while the remainder are active in the greater world. Those who keep the lore are permanently cloistered in the Mfarndzab Deeping, allowed to leave only by special dispensation from the Hardok Council, and then only for a certain amount of time, and under close supervision. They are voluntary prisoners in the halls of the Chalarn. Meanwhile those who are at large in the world have had to prove themselves first through years of loyal service in the vaults. Generally speaking ranking members are allowed to seek magic out in the world, while initiates and neophytes are left to manage the vault and hold the deeping against thieves and attackers, with only the council of Hardok to aid them. Of course, the council is more than a match for anything that has challenged them so far.

The Council of Hardok
It is traditional for a Primarch to lead a mage clan, and for that primarch to not be privy to any of the greatest secrets of the clan's horde. Rather a council of the wisest and most proven members are given portions of the clan's most terrible lore, but never enough to make use of it alone. However in the Chalarn there has not been a Primarch since the fall of Arumthar. Instead the learned council, known in the Chalarn as the Council of Hardok, controls the clan and all of its assets. Some of the other clans have begun to whisper that the council has started to indulge in the more dangerous magical lore over which they are custodians, in secret even from their own brothers, but no substantial evidence of this has ever emerged.

Notable Members

While the Chalarn may not have a Primarch, they are represented in the world at large by Lorcam Varr, Orator of the Chalarn. This charismatic and persuasive man may not be a mighty magician, but he is good at presenting himself as one, and is better at getting his own way. The ageing Naram-Sa and his retinue might be the most prolific of the Chalarn's agents, working mainly in the Farland and Taurvann, but Keil the Red is the one who is willing to brave the wilds of Arumthar. Kiel is known for his ship, the red sail, which he has expended some careful magic upon, and also for usually returning to Mfarndzab sporadically to replace dead or crippled neophytes in his retinue. Radha en-Thalas is the most visible member of the Council of Hardok, because he is the master of the recruits, responsible for inviting people to become neophytes, and assigning them to brethren. He has a fondness for young orphans, because they are unlikely to carry the clan's secrets to anyone outside.

The Nine Kelorn Mage Clans
Active Chalarn; Manku; Reküm
Historic Büren; Chelenari; Duräd; Ma-Len; Numidir; Pachar;