The city of Sipra is the hub of the Southlands. Unique amongst the cities of the old Kelorn lands, it is capitol of the nation that supports it, headquarters of the six guilds, trade centre of the eastern kingdoms, and neutral ground for every major military power in the region. Regardless of the politics of the region, or who wields power, wagons of goods of every shape and size crowd the squared of the city, and roll in and out of the gates. Inns almost outnumber homes along the main thoroughfares of Sipra, and various districts are utterly dominated by one guild or another. Sipra's reputation as a hub of commerce is well deserved - proving as busy as the greatest cities of Sandour - but equally well earned is its reputation for thievery, violence, and carousing in roughly equal measure. In fact, many mainstream faiths of the region have utterly forsaken Sipra.

Region: Sipra, Southlands
Total Population: 138,000 approx.
Tech. Level: 7
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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