Cloister Hills

The Cloisters dominate the south-eastern part of the Earldoms, bridging Marratharn, Galastry, Sherevon and Kirshire. Named for their completely bald pates, like that of a priest, the crests of the cloisters are blasted by wind, and so are normally bare stone while the brackish foliage and stunted trees grow in the valleys between the hills. The cloisters tend to be steep sided and very round humps of land rather than he gentle sloped hills of Highdunn. In the east the cloisters are bordered by the Forest and to the south by the River Vence and Lake Dale. They rise out of the southern tip of the Shen Fier and their north-eastern edge is delineated by the eastern escarpment. Despite being unsuitable for farming, vineyards, orchards and herding are common here, and Daultin, Forddale, Marratharn and Darrenshire all fall within the cloisters.