Cloudgraze is named for the willowy towers that dominate its skyline. Easily as central a landmark to the City of Lights as the Inner City or the Silver River, Cloudgraze is an architectural wonder in a city whose physical beauty is patchy at best.Bordered in the west by Dawn Street and Players Street, in the north by Tower Street and in the south by the trade hub that is Broad Street, and bisected by Stonecutters Street. Cloudgraze is undeniably an upper class region, with it's buildings of red brick with large white slab cornices, and even glass windows. Most blocks have large courtyards in their rear, but follies, skywalks, towers and other such features common to the rest of The City are found here, and with buildings that average five levels, all of which can be entered from street level, and sidewalks often elevated two or three levels from the ground above that at the side of the street, with bridges and skywalks over even the main roads Cloudgraze is definately the most elevated section of The City. The entire district comprises a steep hill that leads up to the towers themselves, and so steps even appear on sidestreets, though never main roads, and nearly all alleyways feature a steep stair. The Towers themselves are round, often up to nine or ten levels above the rest of the city, and usually topped with a circular balcony, or even several, allowing the inhabitants to look down over the entire city, even through low cloud on a particularly rainy day. They are of a beautiful blue-grey stone, simple and sheer with few windows. Their roofs have the same translucent rainbow metal tiles as the inner city, and clever guttering means that during a rainstorm water pours from the mouths of mythical creatures into gardens and pools sometimes dozens of feet below. The towers are surrounded by courtyard gardens, and are all linked by vertigo-educing skywalks sometimes ten levels off the ground below.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population: 21,270 approx.
Tech. Level: 7
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The district is controlled by Houses Verne, Voergard and Cavish with both Cavish and Voergard gangs claiming territory, but the area around the towers is well defended by private guards, and the gangs stick to the meadhalls and the streets for their strutting and brawling. The rest of the residents of Cloudgraze are generally not as rich as those of Templeton, but the exceeding wealth of the denizens of the towers means that the general quality of the district and it's business is constantly elevating as the tower-community cause more and more goods on their way along Broad Street to stop in Cloudgraze.

Locations of Interest

The Griffon Tower

The Eagle Tower

Evrian the Mystical, Magician of Cloudgraze

The Sign of the Tower (meadhall and inn)

The Cloudgraze Baths

The Shrouded Tower

Notable Groups and Individuals

Marak of Cloudgraze
The local watch captain is he exceedingly wealthy Marak of Cloudgraze, a man who is nearly openly for sale, whose loyalty has been bought by the tower community, and possibly one of the Lord Provost's biggest irritants.

Nathan Uth-Broen
The Eagle Tower is controlled by a powerful merchant named Nathan Uth-Broen, a distant scion of House Broen.

Bol Uth-Starkh
The Griffon Tower is the home of Bol Uth-Starkh, uncle to one of the Princes of Bradenthyr and another wealthy trader.

Gaenor Stormcaster
The Shrouded Tower, tallest point in all of Tohl, is the home to it's most formidable professional mage, Gaenor Stormcaster, a man whose titanic power is feared the city over, but who hasn't been seen outside his tower in living memory.