The fortress of Cravenrock serves as the home of the goblyns of the Black Eye and as the seat of power of the Goblynking and his armies. Even before the rise of Pachak it was here that the forces of the Three-Nation army were smashed by the first Goblynking Vachak Taar at the end of the Goblyn Wars. Cravenrock crouches on the upper part of the huge craggy rock edifice of the same name. It is carved from the very stone of the mighty rock itself, and its tunnels penetrate deep into its heart.

Region: Talthak, The Black Eye
Total Population: 27,800 approx.
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Cravenrock is located at the heart of the Khanti Hills, on the shores of Lake Varkash. The fortress itself appears to be a towering mesa of stone, but the precipice facing the river is cut into intricate shapes, with a great entrance-way at the centre and base, and level upon level of vaulted openings from roughly ten meters up to the very top of the rock. The fa├žade of the fortress is intricately wrought with spiralling, symmetrical floral and creeper like designs, and with carvings of the goblyn deities and depictions of famous goblyns of the Black Eye holding up stone buttresses like pillars. The stone is dark, and water often runs freely down the surface from a dozen small permanent trickles from the top of the unhewn stone, making it damp, and often mossy, but despite this, or even because of it, Cravenrock has a quite beautiful, antique look about it. And in the night when fires burn in all of the upper openings the dancing lights that it sheds across the lake are magical.

The interior of Cravenrock itself is not as huge as an outsider might think. While tunnels do extend back through the entire rock formation only the facade is entirely hollow. The upper levels are reserved for warriors, the Bharvarsh, and the halls of the Goblynking himself, with stores kept deeper in the rock. Lower levels are professional craftsmen, slave masters, mine overseers, and other important members of goblyn society, and here in these tunnels are their homes and places of work. Really the bulk of the settlement of Cravenrock is not in the rock at all, but in the huge number of yurt-villages that surround it. Gaily coloured and hugging the shores of the lake, this is the home of the Black Eye. And beneath the hills, with tunnels leading to the true, underground entrance to Cravenrock are a dozen or more major mines, each with their own smaller tribe, all working for the Black Eye and Pachak. Cravenrock is more like a spider at the centre of a web, or the citadel in a landsman city that the settlement itself, as many assume.

The Black Eye are some of the most cosmopolitan of Goblyns, and will generally welcome visitors of landsman or giant descent happily if they come in peace. Pachak is always happy to meet with landsmen diplomats, though they usually feel like they are somehow the butt of a joke they don't entirely understand. As a result the goblyns of Cravenrock usually speak a smattering of Trade Tongue, especially those who live and work in the small diplomatic section of the fortress itself. Of course these dignitaries see only what the goblyns want them to, and are never privy to the fact that the facade is only a small and highly decorative part of the whole fortress. Aside from the agents of the Goblynking such as Hadib Un Dondar and Pachak himself there are few goblyns of real note amongst the Black Eye. The mine overseers, who are the heads of their own sub-tribes gather in a council on a monthly basis, a council to at which Pachak is usually invited, and often present, and they form the most powerful group other than the goblynking himself, but they need the protection of his warriors more than he needs their mineral wealth and they know it. Still, Pachak is nothing if not reasonable about their requests.

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