The Creator

Many see The Creator as the king of the divh, others see him as a distant and alien, hermit divh who gave nothing of himself to mortals, and thus shares nothing of his nature. The Creator is sometimes seen as the ruler of the divh, or just the most powerful of their number, others say he is something older and greater that came before. Some cults see him as braggadocios, creating the world to prove his superiority, others think that all of reality is a failed experiment. But the generally accepted truth is that the Creator set into motion the series of events that gave birth to the world, and that once the world existed he had misgivings about his creation, and wanted to again unmake it - its cryptic purpose fulfilled. Because few faiths that acknowledge the Creator - and most do - agree on this point, there are few cults that venerate the Creator. Only lunatics and doomsday cults of crazed fanatics venerate an alien creature that seeks to unmake the world, and so alien is the Creator to mortals that they have no conception of how to venerate him. Or even if he seeks veneration as other divh do.


The Creator is usually depicted as utterly alien. A number of faiths describe him as an amorphous blue mass, sometimes he forms the very roof of the world - the blue sky - with his body. Others describe him as a ball of light that contains all of the wisdom of the world, like a star that speaks. Many landsmen religions call him as a giant, malformed man, having his head in his chest, nine arms, legs that bend backward, greasy grey skin, a single eye, fingers for hair, or all manner of impossible deformities. To the Ghans he is merely an eye, floating suspended in space, while the Ral see him as a face embedded in a hunched but powerful torso. The only commonality seems to be that he never resembles any living thing more than passingly, always being utterly alien and unnatural to the world.