Cult Of Gruna

The Cult of the Sea Divh Guna is possibly the third largest faith on Ahlonia, behind the Church of the Dioune and the Yurgish Sect. Originating around the southern coast of Reddown and Sigard, the cult devotes itself to appeasing the mighty Sea-Divh Gruna the great and powerful. Gruna is a vengeful, anamalistic creature whose destructive rages can bring about great natural disasters, his thrashing calls up sea storms, and he can reach anyone who has angered him through any body of salt water. Especially in the south where salt is so plentiful this means that Gruna's threat is not isolated to the coast. Originally carried to Reddown and southern Highdunn by the Sigard Royal Navy, it is suspected that at one time all of the Navigators of Sigard were secretly adherents to the cult.

The Cult of Gruna

As a cult, there is no laity in the Cult of Gruna. To follow the sea-divh a member must be initiated into the cult by a high-priest. The ceremony involves being marked with a wound, and then having salt water poured into that wound, leaving an ugly scar. Most cultists have this done somewhere on the body where it will not show, the tops of the feet and chest being popular choices. The mark takes the form of a cross with an uneven overhang favoring the right on the horizontal line. Once a member is initiated, and approved by surviving the initiation ritual, they are permitted to participate in the Secrets of Gruna, a series of ceremonies that can be used to bring down the wrath of Gruna upon ones foes, and protect oneself from such retribution. Common initiates into the cult include many wealthy merchants hoping to sink competitors shipments, but fishermen fearful of the rage of the sea and sailors are equally common. Cultists are organized into cells, with the high priest who leads each cell being the only one with access to the holy writings, which could be one of a variety of heretical tomes copied from the original Liber Gruna.


Initiates to the cult must always make an offering before passing over the sea, this is as much for their own safety as it is a mark of respect. Aside from this and the ritual scarring that occurs during initiation there is little limitation upon the initiates of the cult. Of course that is not to say that the greatest boons that Gruna grants do not come with a dire price of their own.

Teachings and Scripture

There are at least half a dozen texts all based on the original Liber Gruna circulating between the isolated cells of followers, though none contains all of the secrets of the now lost original. The Liber Gruna was destroyed by the Order of the Warriors of the Church over a hundred years ago, and only transcripts of various sections now remain. With the cult cells being so deeply hidden they have little or no contact with one another, and thus each cell is unlikely to have ever encountered more than one of the remaining texts, and many only have damaged portions of one. The remaining texts are the Book of Rikard, the Book of Morgayne, the Sea's Lament, the Garoon Scrolls which refer to Gruna as Garoon, the Deep Scrolls and the Arthen-Restry Papers kept on file in the Great Basilica of Southaven.


The cult's doctrine is a relatively simple one. They believe that Gruna is a being that lives in and rules over the Wild Sea. Gruna's rage is such that he has the power to bring about devastating storms and giant waves and all manner of other destruction, which he does out of a burning desire for destruction. Gruna is also able to perceive anything that goes on in or on the waters of the wild sea, which is generally taken to mean any water containing Sigard salt. The cult therefor do two things, first they try to make offerings of death and destruction to Gruna in order to appease that desire and direct his destructive attentions elsewhere. Second they believe that they can, to some extent, direct Gruna's anger against their enemies with specific and involved rituals and a sufficiently generous offering. This could extend from asking Gruna to sink a ship, bring a storm to a town, or reach out a claw from a basin of salt water and slay a single man, but whatever the power invoked it is always extremely destructive in nature. And the price is often to terrible to contemplate.