Tech Code: 5
Governments: The Incorporated Fief of Cwmbra.
Religions: Temple of the Sun.
Industries and Trades: Ikar.
Major Terrain: Wood and Mountain.
Primary Languages: Ralstaan.
Major Settlements:

The Starwood

The Deep, Dark Forest

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Denizens of the Wild Woods

an-heir, urgrol, birdmen and ralstaans

The Oracle of Cwmbran: She is depicted as a disembodied, continuous female voice who speaks in - and can only understand - rhymed speech and otherwise sings ceaselessly to maintain her existence (from NES - adapt. Another NES idea: who changes the colour of sand under his feet, and changes all life around him into sand).

Flora and Fauna

hemlock fir, golden cypress, the massive starwood cedar and other evergreen needleleaf trees, yet also contains broadleaf trees such as longstalk holly, white heather, mountain oak, sour cherry, and maple.
In addition, plants, shrubs, and mosses developed on the forest floor, resulting in one-of-a-kind scenery. The thickly-wooded forest is also a good home to such living things as bats that live in the lava caves, small animals such as mice and moles, various birds including the great spotted woodpecker and the Japanese bush warbler, and insects such as ground beetles.
Lantern spiders, glow-worm abdomened spiders, burning venom
Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees and an absence of nearly all wildlife, the forest is known for being exceptionally quiet.
The zmaj Varenleist

Notable Individuals

His Majesty; King of All Cwmbran, High Marshal of the North, King Uther ‘Highcastle’ Ur Carragh
The venerable King King Uther of Cwmbran is often described as being made of leather, and this suits both his appearance and temperament perfectly. Late in his sixth decade Uther’s hair is long and iron grey, and his face lined, ruddy and tanned. His bright blue eyes, still alert and hard, peer out from sagging brows and his broad, square features, powerful jutting jaw and immensely heavy build, muscular but with the distinct spread of an older man, all give him the marked appearance of a cracking leather dummy. His movements are heavy and he limps markedly thanks to the aches and pains of countless old injuries. In his youth Uther was known for striding up and down animatedly whenever he spoke, now when he appears in public he is always mounted. Still the King of Cwmbran remains stronger and more durable than most men of any age and is still capable of brief bursts of speed with his old lucern hammer that take unwary opponents completely off guard.

Cyrimir ‘Grimstalker’
Cyrimir is a legend throughout most of the eastern part of Allornus, he is the last of the great faerie man-hunters, millennia old and untellably dangerous. Cyrimir’s story is well known because it forms the heart of dozens of myths; he is the last true heir of the Faerie nation that once occupied the Starwood, broken hearted by the demise of his people, seeing the doom of his kind creeping slowly as fewer are born every century than the number that die. Grimly devoted to bringing that knowledge of inevitable doom to the men whose folly led to the deaths of so many in the once beautiful faerie kingdom of the Starwood. If legends are to be believed Cyrimir is responsible for the deaths of over a hundred thousand men’s lives by his own hand alone, and countless more by his command.

Life in the Hungry Wilderness

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Today in the Wood of Fallen Stars…

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