Cyrimir Grimstalker

Called the Grimstalker by the men of Ralstaa and Iria, like some monster of legend, Cyrimir is a bedtime story, used to frighten small chidren throughout most of eastern Allornus. The last of the great faerie man-hunters, this vengeful and single minded warrior is millennia old, and he has spent thousands of years hunting and killing men. This baleful faerie slayer was one of the first voices to cry out for the destruction of the landsmen, and the first to cry, with grief and anger, that the sundering was the doing of the race of man.


Cyrimir is tall even by the sandards of his kind. His skin and hair are pale, his features mesmerizing beautiful, his obsidian eyes hypnotically dark and smoulderingly expressive, cheeks high, hair long and soft and lusterous, his features perfectly proportioned. He is muscular and long-limbed but moves with the grace and speed of the very wind. Even the Fay-folk who are his kin are awestruck by the ease of his movements, and men who have seen him pass and been allowed to live swear that he were a ghost.


Cyrimir is savage, vengeful, grim and bleak, but he is not cruel. When Cyrimir takes a life he does it humanely and swiftly, and often his victim is dead before they have time to even realize that they are in danger, yet on the same note Cyrimir has no compunction about the lives he takes, and killed men, women or children without consideration of who or what his victim is. He takes no joy in this death, he simply seeks to mark the passing of his people from the world by visiting his torment upon those races he knows with thrive long after his kind are forgotten.


Cyrimir’s story is well known becuase it forms the heart of dozens of myths; he is the last true heir of the Faerie nation that once occupied the Starwood, broken hearted by the demise of his people, seeing the doom of his kind creeping slowly as fewer are born every century than the number that die. Grimly devoted to bringing that knowledge of inevitable doom to the men whose folly led to the deaths of so many in the once beautiful faerie kingdom of the Starwood. If legends are to be believed Cyrimir is responsible for the deaths of over a hundred thousand men’s lives by his own hand alone, and contless more by his command.


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Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
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Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
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Will n
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Bravery n
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Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

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