One of the seven Divhidre, Da'ak is one of the most feared and reviled of all of the divh. Thought of as the corrupter of souls, and suspected of being behind every cult, conspiracy, tyrannical regime and outcast in the world, nearly every culture has some incarnation of Da'ak in their religion, and he is nearly always painted as an enemy, and nearly all belief systems exclude his worship as a profane act, worthy of terrible punishment. Legend says that he is the embodiment of the Creator's hatred for that which he had wrought and seeks to punish that which cannot be unmade for the crime of existence.

Names: Daak; Da'ak; Brother-Slayer; Malar's Scourge; Modan (The Old Way); Damuk (The Fringe); Corrupter (Haedrasia); Nemesis (Nardaan); DĂșltach (Ralstaa); Monna (Old Malorn Name).
Aspect: Hate and Cruelty.
Associations: Fear and Courage; Evil; Destruction and Domination; Torture and Cruelty; Murder; Fratricide; Revenge; Poetry; Punishment; Corruption; the Draks.


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"Know ye that I am the root of evil, the seed from which sprouts the tree of woe, and that no act of deceit, hatred or malice is without my spirit at its core. Behind every villain - see my hand, in the ears of every tyrant - hear the echoes of my whispers, and in the heart of those who delight in cruelty and betrayal - find the blackened taint of my touch. I am the will to destruction and dominion and desolation over which every noble man thinks himself master, and every wanton killer thinks himself beholden. I am the slayer of brothers. Hear my words and know I am your protector, your ruler, and your destroyer."

  • A part of The Invocation, the third part of the ritual known as the Revelation of Daak.


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Da'ak and the Baalfr



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