Dabai Kush

The Roughriders and people of Nashby know these mountains by their goblyn name the Dabai Kush, but on maps of Highdunn they are called the Middle Mountains. The enormous range that is the Dabai Kush stretches all the way from the Giantspines in the south up into the Vale of Mist in the north where ancient maps show the range finally sinking into dense forest a few miles inland of the coast. Craggy, barren and steep, the mountains of the Dabai Kush are said to glow crimson with the rising sun, and cover nearly a third of the Roughlands. Almost totally unexplored by men, this is the land of goblyns and giants, with the city of Ya'Derro in a long vale at their heart. Dramatic valleys and peaks meet in impassably steep slopes, and passes, though regular, are rocky and winding meaning that travel is slow for all but the cloven-hoofed goblyn steeds or the low samsuns who are native here.