Dalin Darrowhand

Dalin Darrowhand is a seasoned, tested and extremely talented warrior, and while he is extremely even tempered he is always ready to fight should the need arise, and in a fight he has no compunctions over how he wins. He was known amongst his mercenary company as one of the dirtiest fighters in Haedrasia, and while the moniker is probably overstated it does give an accurate picture of Dalin’s attitude towards a fight: If someone’s trying to hurt you, there are no rules.


Dalin's Kardesian ancestry could not be more apparent: he is tall, broad chested, thick bodied and powerful. His thick neck and pale skin deprive his visage of a strong jawline, and his face is exceedingly angular and muscular, with deepset eyes and narrow lips. His hair is snowy, and so is his skin, and he could not differ in appearance more from the Haedrasians. Dalin attires his massive frame in crude leathers and sections of plate adapted or re-purposed to fit his massive frame. His voice is deep and gravelly, but he is quick to laugh and loves crude jest, and his booming laugh seems to issue from a man even greater than his size.


Dalin is an uncomplicated man, a soldier both by profession and by nature he enjoys the relative simplicity of the command structure, and usually just prefers to get things done. Often boisterous or outspoken he is seldom brash, and generally gives the impression of being extremely pragmatic and capable. Dalin is a practical man, good with his hands - or rather hand - and usually able to rudimentarily fulfill any small task he puts his mind to, from weapon maintenance to building a shelter.


Born in a slum outside of Tirana in Ghanish Haedrasia, his parents were of Kardes descent from the Nardaan colonies, and Dalin quickly grew to massive a size, larger even than many of the Haedrasian youths who ventured out of the city. So naturally he caught the attention of mercenary companies early on. Serving in the company of Mard Dunbarrow Dalin rose quickly to the rank of Mard’s third, but having neither the flair nor desire for leadership Dalin was usually left to his own devices, and the position was largely honourary, and wage related.

Dalin’s company served in a force commanded by the Paladin Herus Ravimar against a sizable force of Ral highlanders camped in the mountains along the Ralstaan boarder for more than eight years as a permanent attachment to the third legion, and were heavily decorated during their service. Dalin was even awarded the Imperial Gorget for bravery when he defeated three of the Ral knights unaided during a foray behind enemy lines. However with the cessation of the conflict the mercenaries were forcibly dissolved.

Given his freedom to move around the Haedrasian Empire, especially since he was in possession of a blessed military decoration, Dalin moved away from his home and drifted west accepting local law-enforcement contracts as a bounty hunter. During this time he did extensive work for a mage-finder in Kiven, where he settled for a time, and sired three children, all sons, with various women. For all three Dalin remained in the area for one year after their birth and then moved on, leaving the mother a few coins to help raise the child. Occasionally he has passed back through Dava where his youngest Siris lives, and visits the boy and his mother.

Eventually however the efficiency of Imperial law-enforcement drove Dalin out of Imperial territory and into the scattered lands to the west where domains were often so tiny that they were just a day’s ride across. Here he found his trade lucrative and his skills formidable and valuable as a bounty hunter has far more freedom than the agent of a small principality to move over boarders in search of fugitives. Dalin made a good name for himself as a man who could get the job done, and one who would do so for the price he stated. Men feared when they heard he was on their trail, and some of the great political powers of the region sought his aid. Dalin diversified briefly, serving again as a mercenary for a couple of years, but his off-hand was shattered by a flail-blow that broke his shield, and hasn’t been of any use to him since. Absurdly attached to his old two-handed sword, he taught himself to wield the thing essentially one handed.


Dalin left most of his contacts when he left Haedrasia. At home he has three children, all sons, by three women. His youngest is Siris, then Calvin and Harald, all three half Haedrasian and citizens. His past employers are also on good terms, including the band of Mard Dunbarrow with whom he spent his formative years. The Paladin Herus, now retired to a settlement in the Soldatry, is also a friend with whom he often visits for long periods, and the two have great admiration for one another. However in the west Dalin has had little long term contact with any employers, simply riding from place to place to consult wanted signs and collect bounties.


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
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Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

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