Dane Reise III (1418 HC to 1468 HC)

Dane Reise III, father of Eldin Reise, former King of Highdunn was the victim of the Maethian Coup. Dane reigned over a period of relative peace, punctuated by the rise of the Goblyn King in the Forest and the Whitehale Uprising amongst other internal disturbances, so it was something of a surprise that his reign ended so abruptly and brutally.

Early Years, 1418 HC - 1450 HC

Dane Reise III, son of Dane Reise II, grandson of Adun Reise was the second in line for the throne when he was born, but his brother's weak heart earned him the position of heir apparent very early in his life. His tuition was kept in and around Thairon, and he was a very poorly traveled monarch in his early years, knowing little of the lands beyond the Forest Kingdom or of the roughlands except what he read in books. The priests kept him close and saw to all of his tuition, and Dane, who had intended to become a priest before his brother's death, had a very close relationship with the church of the Dioune in Highdunn, making regular pilgrimages to Southaven every year.

Coronation and Early Rule, 1450 HC - 1457 HC

When Dane II died his son was already an experienced statesman and commander, as all Kings of Highdunn are called to be, and had wed and started a family. His wife Ivine, a zealous woman of pious convictions, died during the birth of his first son Eldin mere months after her life was saved at the battle of Madagar Keep, and so there was a great deal of anxiety at the coronation of a King with only a single heir, who had himself been the second in line for the throne. Dane sought aid from the new High Prelate of Highdunn, Theandar Marr in reassuring the people that Eldin was born under a favorable sign and would indeed succeed his father. Marr would go on to become a central figure to Dane's rule.

The First Whitehale Uprising, 1457 HC

In the first decade of his rule the first Whitehale uprising broke out when the serfs of Whitehale in the fenns rose up and burned their lord's manor house to the ground with him in it, then took up arms and fled into the fenns. Dane could not allow even a single man to escape unpunished for such a crime lest he set a dangerous precedent, so he invested a good deal of money and manpower in scouring the fenns for men who were local to the area and knew its dangers and where to hide. Dane lost many men to the dangers of the fenns and more to traps set by the vagrants. Furious, and irrevocably committed to his disastrous course of action, Dane just sent more and more men into the fenns until eventually his advisers with no small input from High prelate Marr suggested he simply round up enough vagrants from all over Highdunn, and execute them as the missing men at Thairon, where they would not be recognized. This he did, and it did prove effective, but those elements who had survived the first uprising still lurked, presumed dead, in the fenns. And they began to spread word that the King had lied.

Theandar Marr's Custodianship, 1458 HC - 1468 HC

With potential mass serf uprising on his hands Dane did what he had always done in harsh times: he turned to the church. With popular movements against the King he sought to guarantee his reign with divine right, and to that end he dismissed his other advisers in favour of High Prelate Marr, and ensure that Marr was very visible in his reign, naming him 'royal custodian' and granting him certain autonomous powers that would make the people feel that they were being rules by a combination of king and church working in tandem. This seemed to work, as for the next decade shrines often included the likeness of the King, and all royal appearances were announced by the High Prelate.

The Maethian Coup and Death, 1468 HC

Popular opinion is that the Maethian coup came about because the army of Highdunn felt that they had died in staggering numbers against untrained vagrants around Whitehale, and then been totally cut out of the royal court. However Kessel and his few surviving co-conspirators are the only men who know the truth. What is known is that a group of the Kings Own rose up, stormed the royal palace at Thairon, killed Dane Reise in his sleep and then fled into the Roughlands. Dane was succeeded by his son Eldin and his headless corpse buried in the royal mausoleum.