The element of Dark compliments and contrasts the Light. It is the energy of secrets, of the unknown, and of the distant. Those things at the edge of the world that are unknown are shrouded in darkness. Dark is the energy of intuition, of secrecy, and of opposition.

Dark In The World

Many scholars characterize darkness as the absence of light, and claim that light travels in straight lines to pierce darkness. In reality where dark and light meet their energies mix rather than cancelling one another out. Dark exists in hidden places, and while it is true that dark and light never co-exist they mingle and blend together in the night, or in those places hidden from the sun and the moons. If light is the energy of above, dark is the emanation of below.

Dark In Alchemy

Alchemists often use darkness, often because the energy of light can be so volatile. Darkness seldom occupies primary or secondary levels of materials, staying deep rooted and seldom escaping in a potion or formula. When darkness is a key to a formula it is usually to generate visions, weave illusion or hide secrets. Potions that wipe the memory or camouflage the imbiber rely on the energy of darkness to function.

Dark In Channelling

Channelling dark is considered dangerous, and many of the gifted who do so without precaution often slowly find that they lose themselves within the powers that flow through them. Dark can be channelled into the creation on illusion, making falsehood seem reality and hiding reality behind a veil of false perception, however dark energy is also channelled into the enhancing of intuition and emotion. Dark is a subtle but powerful force, and can be used to hide other forces, or protect from other channeling.

The Gift of Dark

Those gifted with the energies of darkness usually manifest a deep and inexplicable intuition, and the ability to perceive what goes unseen. The Gift of Dark is very hard to detect when it occurs, careful to shield itself from those who would seek it out. Often the dark gifted are prone to visions, interpreting what they sense at the heart of a matter in visual metaphor, like a waking dream. Seemingly mad, when they do harness this power they can often perceive far more than merely what is in front of them.

The Elemental Wheel

On the elemental wheel dark borders light and water. The border with light with illusion, art, metaphor and representation, and is known as shadow or shade. The border with water is called deep, and is the energy of all things hidden, buried, submerged and secret. Dark opposes fire on the wheel, where dark is secret and quiet and hidden fire is explosive and brash and overt.