David's Isle and Kembar

David's Isle is a cross shaped landmass that lies at the mouth of Marath Bay. When crossing from Lierkist or Ennis over the Forest Bay to Southaven and points beyond David's Isle and the port of Kembar are essential stops for the Ahlonian vessels, which are used to hugging the coast rather than braving the open seas. The island itself is small, cut into by four deep coves meaning that the actual landmass of the island is tiny, but David's Isle hosts some of the finest vineyards in all of Ahlonia, which represents the bulk of the small place's income. Kembar is a city split in two and connected by a long road. There is a port of Kembar at both the eastern and western coves, and the two are only a few hours travel between. By far the larger settlement is on the Reddown side, housing perhaps three thousand of the island's total population.

Region: Ahlonia, The Storm Sea Coast
Total Population: 4,200 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

David's Isle is a part of Reddown, but belongs to no Earldom, rather it is a protectorate of the Council, overseen by the Doge of Kembar Daveth Kembar, and administered by Davin Vaun and the Sigard Royal Navy, who have a base of operations nearly as big as that in Lierkist at the northern point of the island, where they keep a squat fortress that overlooks all shipping routes around David's Isle, and can fire on any ship passing nearer the island than the mainland. The Guild of Shipwrights also has a major presence in the western part of Kembar, in fact some suggest that they run that end of town, though it is certain that there are T'Ovari interests here too.

The twin cities are typical of those of the Storm Sea Coast, with lean-to structures protecting them from the worst of the winds, or rather redirecting them over the houses, and seldom reaching above two levels, again due to the winds. On both coasts buildings stretch out over the water on sturdy wooden docks, and many people live only a timbers breadth from the sea below. Inland homes endure less storm damage, and are generally those of wealthier inhabitants and merchants. The Doge has a seaward fastness on the eastern end of Kembar, that is actually built on a large headland, attached to the mainland by a narrow bridge. Highly defensible, the garrison has never been large enough to make the fort truly formidable, but it's over watch on the mouth of the cove is strategically valuable.

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Daveth Kembar
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