Davin Rotheron

The current Lord Commander of the armies of the Tresser Veldt has held the position for only a few months after assuming the post from Varn Tireste. Davin Rotheron is a man in the twilight of his life though he is scarcely two years Earl Roen’s senior. Old wounds and battle scars have been less kind to Davin and his prime is past, but he remains strong willed and astute of mind despite the failings of his body.


Davin Rotheron is a veteran of a dozen brutal wars, but unlike Alvin Roen Davin has not always walked away the hero. The scarred Earl limped, bloodied from the majority of the battle he has seen. Davin Rotherin is a survivor, he refuses to die or to be defeated and his body, criss-crossed with pallid scars evidences his tenacity starkly. Blind in one eye, with a marked limp and a missing ear, two missing fingers on the right hand, bones fractured and healed at oddly jagged angles, a rudely crushed nose and a number of other small injuries give the Earl of Rotheron a crooked, broken appearance that would be ugliness in a man of lesser bearing, but such is the Earl’s dignity and stature that he seems more imposing than damaged in his scarredness.


It is his own mortality against which Davin Rotheron now wages war. He is reminded of it by every creaking limb, every sharp, sudden pain, every time he needs his heavy walking stick just to get through the day. He battles through his command and refuses to let his advancing age excuse him from any of his noble duties but he is keenly aware that one day soon his son Traederic will take his throne. While Davin loves his son dearly he dreads leaving Rotheron in incapable hands, and only hopes that Traederic’s effete behaviour will have come to a conclusion by the time Davin can no longer hold onto this world, and is summoned by the divh. For now he grasps life with the same tenacity he has lived it.


Davin Rotheron has had a decorated history as a warrior and a commander. He fought along the forest road against the Burned Stump, and held against the Killing Claw at their most savage, and the and Black Eye during the rise of Rasch Pachak. He commanded a pursuit force during the Maethian coup, he put down the Whitehale rebellion, and famously slew the Wyrm of the Lorinn Fenn, whose dessicated claw he still wears mounted atop his helm when he rides to war. Davin's beginnings were by no means humble - coming from one of the greatest warrior lineages on Ahlonia, his pedigree promised great things, but countless battles, and brutal defeats of which the minstrels do not sing have left him beaten. That Davin has outlived the equally haggard Malcolm Tireste is no less than a miracle, and it is certain that very soon he will hear the call to Koroth's side.


Davin Rotheron is the head of a modest clan. His wife, Maegelle has given Davin five children; four daughters Carice, Brienne, Dorea and Jeyne, and his son and heir Traederic. Davin has survived all of his siblings, but he has many nieces and nephews divided amongst minor estates throughout the Veldt. His relations with his fellow Earls have always been cordial, and Davin is slowly developing a profound respect for Varn Tireste. Eldin Reise leans heavily on all three Earls, relying on their military strength almost totally, and Davin has wondered if perhaps a marriage between Traederic and Serina might not be an overdue cementing of his house's alliance to Highdunn. But the Earl has foes also, and Rasch Pachak and Mahadmar Kadar would both love to see Earl Davin's head on a pike. Clarence of Whitehale has also been less than gracious after Davin had to ride to the rescue and put down the Whitehale rebellion.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Old (48) Skill Points: spent/256
Profession Earl of Rotheron (3) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (4)
Class description (n/n)
Talents Inventory
Fast -2 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +0
Hale -3
Strong -1
Tough -4 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +1 tool cap test
Insightful +1
Knowledgeable +2 attire environment
Perceptive -1
Wilful +2
Brave +3
Persuasive +0
Forceful +1
Lucky +2

Character Traits

Wounds of Wars Past (2)

Davin has fought for all of his adult life, and he has not always won. He is tough as old leather, and no longer panics when he sees his own blood, as young warriors do. But the scar tissue of a lifetime, and the stiff joints, and the countless injuries not quite healed are beginning to stack up.

Hero (1)

The feats of Davin Rotheron's long career have become legend, sung by minstrels and celebrated by sculptors. When men meet Davin, they never know quite what to make of him, and whether to treat him with awe, or to doubt that the broken old man before them could really have been as great as the tales say.