Davin Vaun

The younger brother of the late Earl Godfrid of Sherevon, Davin Vaun is the Captain of the force that occupies Sigard, and by default commands the Sigard Royal Navy. He works closely with Simon Dranshen, speaking on behalf of the Earls' Council, and is empowered to insist that Dranshen consult with the council whenever he deems it appropriate. This burly warrior carries himself with supreme pride, and keeps exceedingly high standards. He expects a great deal from those around him. Some take this as a cue to excel, and other decline in his esteem swiftly.


Davin is in the apex of his manhood, tall and proud with a bulky frame, powerful presence and classical features. He wears a heavy beard and long, braided hair and his eyes shine with confidence. His bearing, expression and manner are at all times both completely commanding and approachable and both the people of Lierkist and especially his own troops hold him in the highest regard. He and the Steward seldom clash, as both men are dedicated to the smooth, conflict free running of the occupied territory with the minimum of fuss and as a result neither really gets in the others way. It is this common peace that has marked the rule of the two men as prosperous but generally unremarkable.


Davin’s booming voice and military presence make him an exceptional field commander, and though this is not his primary function he is a capable warrior and leads every force he commands from the front, but remains a far more skilled statesman and administrator. His nobility of blood means that he is a man who is obeyed, master of all around him. Sedric Daultin has made no secret that he would like to see a less partial party governing Lierkist and openly, although always courteously, criticizes the Captain at every turn. The Captain, for his part, has even been driven to lose his temper on occasion, but thus far Earl Daultin has had only a very little success in destabilizing Vaun’s position. Davin is known for being harsh but fair. The men of the royal navy respect him for his strength and decisiveness, and he's known for treating his slaves exceedingly well, but he has little time for fools, or people expecting charity.


Second in line for the throne of the most ancient lineage in all of Ahlonia, Davin was destined for notoriety, but he was eclipsed somewhat by his elder brother Godfrid. Almost a decade separated, the two brothers were sent together to take part in military manoeuvrings in Kirshire where they were given commands that would give them usable field experience without putting them in too much danger. Both men then went to Harkfal to complete the more academic elements of their educations. But while Davin pursued a modest military career, Godfrid became ill, and spent the waning years of his life hurriedly producing heirs while his constitution permitted it. Davin, never a family man, confident that succession was secured took a command with the Guild of Shipwrights, and parleyed this into a commission in the Sigard Royal Navy, where his name alone earned him command of an entire fleet. When the previous Captain of Sigard died suddenly in a wreck at sea, Shannon exercised his not inconsiderable influence, and the temporary absence of Sedric Daultin in Highdunn, to vote his uncle into the post where he has served since the summer of 1476 HC.


Of course, as a member of the extensive and influential Vaun line Davin is exceptionally well connected, and his relationship with Simon Dranshen, and the four fleet commanders of the Royal Navy; David Halesden, Jordan Varian, Samuel Rowl and Walter Havish are all his devoted and loyal servants, and despite a couple being his elders Davin is held in the utmost regard by the Navy as a whole. Davin is still unwed, and has no heirs, but is particularly close to his youngest niece Ede for whom he gathers treasures from the furthest reaches of the world. However Davin's closest friend and confidante is his old fleet navigator Thomas Coyne, who has retired from service to accompany and advise the Captain in his new role.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Adult (40) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Royal Navy Captain (3) skill value rationale
Faith Western Dissident Church of the Dioune (6)
Class Ranking Soldier (7/6)
Talents Inventory
Fast -1 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +0
Hale +1
Strong +2
Tough +0 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +0 tool cap test
Insightful +0
Knowledgeable +0 attire environment
Perceptive +0
Wilful +0
Brave +2
Persuasive -1
Forceful +3
Lucky +0

Character Traits

Cut to the Truth (2)

Davin dislikes deception and the games of politics profoundly. He respects a man who speaks his mind, even if he dislikes what he has to say, and will always hear out all sides. But when the false niceties and disguised manoeuvrings of politics begin he shows nothing but contempt, and often this prevents him seeing a blow before it falls in the arena of statecraft.

Paragon of Justice (2)

The Captain of Sigard is immovable, unshakable in is pursuit of what his right. He is as rigid as stone in the face of injustice, and utterly even-handed in his treatment of those who do wrong. He is blind to rank, wealth, or power, and sees the world only in black and white. And he will fight to the death to whitewash all he can.