The last of the elements to come into the world, Death is perhaps also the strangest, anathema to the divh, the energy of death is the energy of peace, of rest, of cessation. Coming in answer to the energetic vitality of elemental life, death is the energy that dictates that all things are cyclic, and that things come to an end, and how can there be a beginning without an end?

Death In The World

Death, like life, subsists in all things. It is an energy of finality, and of peace, and endings, but also of beginnings, for there can be no beginning without the inevitability of an end. Death is the energy that is released when the soul abandons the body. What is left in the void where the life energy was, is death. Death is an energy of peace, it is what is left when everything is done more than the energy that brought about the departure of the spirit. Death energy is heavy in places where the dead are taken to their eternal rest, and in places of reflection and remembrance.

Death In Alchemy

The use of mortal remains in alchemy is not as reviled as the use of the mortal soul, though the gathering of such remains is considerably more complex. Death in the tertiary or below is often used to calm an individual, or even to cure a disease or poison, but in the primary or secondary death in a formula is a terrible venom. As a result any alchemist making use of the energies of death must be careful, and ensure he knows exactly what he is doing.

Death In Channelling

Channelling death energy is a dangerous thing, death can be tapped to bring a mortal being closer to it's end, but some theorize that it can also be used to reverse the ageing process, and regress an individual to childhood. The energies of death can bring peace or destruction, but seldom do anything else. Death energy has been known to actually cheat death, warding off the finality of life, however often the state of limbo between life and death that the survivor is left in is less desirable than dying.

The Gift of Death

The Gift of Death is not subtle, living things shy away from even the weakest gift. Animals are the first to notice, but more powerful individuals have a palpable presence that something is wrong, or dangerous about the individual. More powerful individuals have shown the ability to cheat death, almost indefinitely, though their bodies are not immune to the ravages of age. The ability to perceive the dead, and make them speak, or even pull things from the shadow world into the real world are not unknown amongst the gifts of death.

The Elemental Wheel

Death borders life and fire on the elemental wheel, the border with life is called cycle, and with fire is called destruction. Cycle is the energy of beginnings and ends, of the cycle of days, years and even of life and death. Destruction is the energy of annihilation, raging out of control power unleashed to kill or destroy. Death opposes light - light is truth and day and reality, and death is the shrugging off of truth in the face of serene inevitability.