Dhimpani is the first stop that Darkman caravans that have travelled around or through Dosa on their road south, and the people work hard to appease the rich northern travellers, even though they are wary of their volatile manner and sinister divhi. Originally a hob town, they now live in a smaller settlement outside the walls, away from the road and the rest of Dhimpani. The walled town shuts its gates tight against outsiders after nightfall because the highway between Dhimpani and Kharpus is rife with banditry. The guardsmen, wearing the yellow ribbons of the Patrician of Dosa on their arms and spears, can only be persuaded to open the gates after dark with a considerable donation to their retirement fund.

Region: Camar, Inner Sea Basin
Total Population: 2,360 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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Locations of Interest

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Notable Groups and Individuals

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