Dol Sardis
With the decline of the resurgent empire of Sudben came the ascent of Dol Sardis as the hub of Irian power in their old homeland. A little over two centuries ago the prophet Druj appeared in Mulkminas and began teaching the Drujite Lesson that would come to be the state religion of Dol Sardis. The Drujites would eventually seize rule of the entire nation, and since then their gospel of dominion and prosperity has guided Dol Sardis to dominate south-eastern Iria with a combination of ruthless diplomacy and sheer wealth. With the vassalage of Sukkadia and the expansion of its influence into Malk, Dol Sardis has become the mightiest single nation of the Irian world.

Tech Code: 6.
Governments: Unitary theocracy under the High Envoy of Druj.
Religions: Drujite Temple of Irik.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain: Flatlands, Swamp, Woods, Sea, River.
Primary Languages: Irian.
Major Settlements: Mulkminas.


Physical Geography

For all of it's wealth in coin and goods, Dol Sardis is a land bereft of natural wealth, or beauty for that matter.

Political Geography

It is said that if though roads lead to Irikhan Mora, only the important ones pass Dol Sardis. A weaker motto, perhaps, but likely also a truer one.

dol sardis embraced the irian predilection for trade and wealth whole-heartedly as a way to keep true irians strong. Irik's cult here follows the teachings of the prophet Druj, who laid down a series of teachings based on material wealth as an indicator of spiritual wealth, pointing to the wealth of temples as proof.

Dol Sardis has heavily infiltrated Malk's more open markets, and much of the coin that flows out of Malk lands in the Most Resplendant High Envoy of Druj's purse.

Social Geography

Shows of wealth and opulence are common here.

Setting Trait (value): name trait



802 D The prophet Druj appears in Dol Sardis.
806 D Druj unites the people of Dol Sardis in following the Drujite Lesson.

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

The High Envoy of Druj
Once known as Bul-Lanabi, the High Envoys of Druj traditionally give up their names when they take office, and so it was with Bul-Lanabi. A woman in her middle years the High Envoy must have been quite a beauty in her time for she is a handsome woman even now, lined and matronly.

Life in Dol Sardis

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Architecture and Construction

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Daily Living

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Major Industry

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Major Export and Import

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Today In The Golden Nasirate…

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