Capital of Havisham is the township of Dollow. Dollow sits right on the boarder between Havisham and Terr, and represents the most immediate boarder between Reddown and old Sigard. Not quite as old as Trelldale, the town is still historic, and the military history here is staggering, but despite its antiquity the township has always remained relatively small, and is not much bigger now than it was five hundred years ago. Prmarily Dollow exists to service the fortress that sits in its very center. Dollowhold is tall for a fortress. Three baileys, a curtain wall, a moat and an eight level keep make for a tall, lean structure built on three steep tiers all contained within the walls. Morgan Havish, Earl of Havisham makes his home here, and directs the bureaucracy of his realm. The people of Havisham speak of Morgan as youthful, gallant and generous, but other Earls think of his as idealistic and naïve. The real Earl of Havisham may be somewhere in between. Morgan served in Kirshire until he inherited the throne and has seen battle, but he also travelled extensively, studied in Harkfal, and his proximity to the slave hub of the Isle has given him a keen sympathy for the plight of the serf. He sees to it that his serfs are the best treated in all of Reddown, but this comes at the expense of his steaders and freemen. His political inexperience has made his libertarianism rash and impractical, and many are distinctly unhappy with his reign, though the vast majority celebrate him as a liberator and hero to the common man.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Earldom of Havisham
Total Population: 3,010 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Dollw itself is a small township of old, dark hardwood buildings, each roughly the same as the last. The town lies on a flat plain and is laid out in a neat grid of streets fanning out around Dollowhold in about fifteen major blocks, each with its own courtyard at the centre. Seen from above it would probably be quite attractive. Outside the gates of the keep an entire block is devoted to a broad plaza, and at the centre of this a natural warm spring has been converted into a fountain. The fountain square hosts all of the town’s trade, as well as all of the Havisham’s formal occasions, and most visitors will make a point of going to see the fountain square when in town. However Dollow is also an exceptionally dirty town. Thick cloying dust blows in from the southern planes and coats everything in a brownish-red, and the streets are usually slick with grime. Unappealing red lichen has taken up residence in most of the town and the smell of it combined with the smell of rot and sewerage common to all settlements takes on an unfamiliar musky quality to which even a city-dweller from elsewhere is keenly aware. As a result merchant caravans tend to try to limit their time in Dollow, and despie the economic necessity of passing through, they seldom ever linger, and this is generally to the little town’s detriment.

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