The Dromah kept by the Haedrasians are massive herd animals. Built like compact oxen, they walk on four pairs of legs, have dense manes and their horns sweep down an forward, almost having the appearance of long curved tusks as they emerge from below the mane. Their coats range from pale tan to chocolate brown, with the mane always considerably darker than the haunches and face. A mature male dromah can easily stand fourteen feet high at the apex of the shoulder and weigh in excess of seven tons, and a herd can consist of upwards of a hundred adults.

Prized for their dense, gamy meat, their waterproof wool, their docility, their ability to haul great loads and their comfort in cold and temperate climates they are a mainstay of Haedrasian agriculture. Though some regions do milk the females to make the pungent white cheese dromfasa, even Haedrasians consider this an acquired taste and milking is usually relegated to coatter sows or, in Soldatry, cattle.

If historians are to be believed it is likely that the Taruun came to be hybrids of man and these massive beasts, and that the Haedrasians stole their first stock herds from the conquered myr that once ruled the northern Imperatry Plains.