Dumundrin the fanatic is the most visible of the Hooded Ones who rule over Kord. Vocal and zealous, Dumundrin works to remind the people of Kord that their rulers espouse a secret faith. Dumundrin persecutes the foes of the Hooded Ones, and has more than once proven willing to use force. In fact the wild temper of Dumundrin strikes uncertain fear into the hearts of the people of Kord, and his unpredictable and vicious purges have made speaking out against the Hooded Ones' regime a dangerous course.


appearance, voice, mannerisms, clothes and trappings


personality, moods, regular behaviour


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


friends, family, enemies, contacts


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

Character Traits

name (n)