Duron, on the extreme western edge of the High Kingdom, is the quintessential free hamlet, unaligned to any king despite falling in the technical borders of Voere, and too far flung to be of any interest to one. This tiny hamlet sits where the foothills of the short Caperkil Mountains that stretch from the south of Wynd down to the sea, become pitted with old river-cut valleys. While no major roads pass in and out of Ralstaa in the west. There are a number of ancient ways, overgrown and in poor repair, but still trafficked, leading out of Ralstaa into the old Irian Empire in the west. Duron is built along one of these old roads, that runs into the mountains in the west and towards the north of Cannavin, eventually merging into the great western highway in Wynd.

Region: Knives of Rallah, Cannavin, Barony of Voere
Total Population: 217
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Not well known, the population of Duron is tiny, and little traffic passes through, but like all free hamlets certain caravans of merchants make a good living circulating these tiny settlements trading between them. Duron is ruled by a single lodge in the Shaeish style, and the majority of the population are loosely related to that lodge. In the case of Duron the Duron family are the founders of the lodge, and those in the community who can claim the name Uth-Duron are it's leaders. The hamlet comprises perhaps a couple of dozen families, the patriarchs of each meeting in a council, to conduct religious ceremonies and govern the settlement. No taxes are levied, but citizens are expected to do what they can for other members of the community, and able bodied men are expected to serve the militia when needed.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Patrick Uth-Duron
Patrick Uth-Duron is the most wealthy and respected man in the town, and elder who runs the small mill in the south of town also employs almost a third of the population here. Largely a farming and logging community, Duron produces barley, oats and unmilled timber which they trade with their neighbours when they can.

Dale Lorris
The Lorris family, a father and son, are the local coopers. They live away from the rest of the hamlet and keep very much to themselves, but are well respected by the community as a whole.