Dyurvars Hammers

Dyurvar's Hammers were the tribe that controlled the region around the eastern escarpment during the Siele Wars on Ahlonia. Originally the Hammers were the elite raider body of the Rending Spear tribe led by the goblyn Dyurvar. However Dyurvar and his riders so distinguished themselves that they were grudgingly given their independence and a small range of the Rending Spears territory, probably in 67 HC. Shortly after this the Hammers came into conflict with a large group of Siele here, who seem to have occupied a small tower on the edge of the escarpment somewhere around modern Kirshire. In 70 HC Marn, Arl of Sherevon allied himself with Dyurvar against their common Siele foes. Dyurvar subsequently became one of the founding members of the Earls Council of Reddown, though he was never granted all the privileges of an Arl.

Dyurvar's Hammers were tactically instrumental to the landsmen side Siele Wars, and also facilitated other tribes to the alliance against the Siele, and even annexed their parent tribe the Rending Spear. By the end of his reign Dyurvar had reportedly killed more than two dozen Siele warriors, an almost unprecedented achievement during that time. With Dyurvar's death Dharmendra took control of the tribe, and kept Dyurvar's name, though he took advantage of Dyurvar's military successes rather than continuing them. After Dharmendra, Malag took over the tribe and renamed it after himself, and continued to fight the lightning raids that had characterized their warfare in the name of the Earls Council, however Malag never sat on the council himself. After Malag's death in battle there was an internal power struggle resulting in the tribe splitting into the Burned Stump and Tree Spider tribes at some time around 136 HC, while the Tree Spiders are the same tribe currently bearing that name today, the Burned Stump descended from the hammers are a different group entirely to the tribe that currently uses that name and sign.