Eanseat is the only other major town in Forthest. Like Arinshir in the north its coastal location does not in any way warrant it a position as a port. And in fact the coastline drops away in a sheer cliff where the little town sits. Howling winds assail the stout stone buildings at least half of the year, and many families have awoken to the sound of their roof being torn off and launched out to sea in the sudden squalls that blow in from the southwest. Eanseat is more like the towns found further south, and indeed its people are beginning to pick up the building strategies found further south along the Storm Sea Coast. Where wood is used it must be the heaviest hardwood, and buildings of more than a couple of levels have a habit of blowing over. Buildings tend to lean, or rather huddle, against one another, and low walls or beams between buildings are common. Roads are cobbled because otherwise they are mud, and the entire town is raised about half a foot from the actual ground level on thick stone foundations. Nearly as old as Harkfal in the north, and built on the southern tip of the enormous rocky plateau called Landfall, steads around here are huge and low-yield thanks to the weather and layers of rock in the soil, but steads to the south and goods from them keep the town relatively prosperous, if small. Eanseat falls into the lands of the farmstead of the Broughtun family, and their patriarch Andru lives in an ancient stone manor house half a league north of town on the cliffs. His children and grandchildren operate from various smaller homes all over the stead. Primarily ranchers, the Broughtun wealth comes from goats and oxen, and as a result herds wander around Eanseat seasonally, and often through it.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Earldom of Forthest
Total Population: 3,100 approx
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Somewhere down the face of the cliffs, hidden from the eyes of the divh in a cliff cave accessible only by a short climb with block and tackle, there is a small shrine to the sea-demon Gruna. While the cult is not particularly secretive about the presence of the shrine, nor particularly big, membership is a well-guarded secret. The cult meet at the shrine once in every month on a secret night and go masked and hooded to the cave. Large serfs with nothing better to do are regularly hired to make sure no one asks too many questions, and last month an overcurious serf and his friend were cast from the cliff for being too persistent.

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