Earldoms Of Sigard

The southern lands of Reddown are divided into three Earldoms, much larger than those of the north. In this new, younger land there is opportunity for great wealth, but also obstacles and hardship aplenty for those who have taken the task of taming the conquered realm of Sigard. Legalized slavery makes rich men richer, and makes it easy to cow an unruly populace. But at the same time powerful, wealthy tradesmen's guilds and a resentful lower class make the division between noble and commoner more stark and - sometimes - painful.


The protectorate of Sigard, not to be confused with the Kingdom that once bore the same name, is the central section of the region of Reddown now known as the Storm Sea Coast. Officially governed by the combination of its Steward Simon Dranshen and the Captain of it's occupying garrison Davin Vaun, Sigard is the wealthiest division of all Reddown, stretching from Lake Dale in the north to the Purple Mountain in the extreme south - the most southerly point in all Ahlonia. Along with the metropolis that is the port of Lierkist, Sigard's boarders also contain Bandale, Dorndale, Baldale, Ebrin and Tarabon.


Terr is easily the largest Earldom in all Reddown, dwarfing even it's closest competitor Sigard or the combined Earldoms of Marak and Barven. South of Havisham, the Earldom stretches from the south-western banks of Lake Dale to the south-western coast of Ahlonia, but despite it's size Terr is thinly settled. It's Earl Carel Terr is called the slaver-Earl because of the strength of Terr's slave-trade. His capitol is the port-city of Bandar, but his immense domain also comprises Luehold, Fairdunn, Westhold, Forndale and Erindale.


The Earldom of Noel Wern sits south of Marratharn and east of Sigard at the western end of the Forest Way. Populous and wealthy, it is the gateway to Highdunn and the east both via the road and through the city of Kembar on David's Isle. Mainly comprised of large farmsteads, Werndel comprises the settlements of Maldale, Vindale, Carrow and the capitol Ennis. While Kembar lies near the borders of Werndel, the city is a protectorate of the Council as a whole, and not a part of Earl Wern's dimense.