Earldoms Of The Veldt

The western border of the Highdunn is held by the Earls of the Tresser Veldt. These men's ancestors ruled domains long before Highdunn was a nation, and so by ancient treaty, when they bowed before the Baldardun kings they were given greater levity to govern their own domains than the Barons who would come after them.


Roen is the central and physically largest of the Earldoms of the Tresser Veldt, and it's ruler Alvin Roen is the central personality to the region, and the most respected and feared of the Veldt's Earls. Roen is sparsely settled, but the towns and cities are regular. Mainly new growth forest, Roen comprises the fortified settlements of Pelay, Caneburrough and Katrenburrough as well as Alvin's capitol at Arrowgar Keep.


Rotheron is the southernmost of the three Earldoms of the Tresser Veldt. Sitting at the eastern end of the Forest Way next to the safest part of the Forest Kingdom, it is the most peaceful part of the Veldt, and also the wealthiest, most cosmopolitan and most populous. Mainly farmlands broken by dense groves of hardwood the large border it shares with Southaven is dotted with small hamlets, while the settlement of Cavalier's Falls is the hub this dense population and just north of there lies the Earl's new home Fort Rotheron. In the extreme north of Rotheron, around the capitol of Kithridge the region is more wild and embattled, and the recent ruin of Madagar Keep stands in testament to that.


The small, dense Earldom of Tireste sits in the furthest north point of the Veldt. In the east it recedes into the foothills of the Roughlands and in the west it shares a boarder barely a day out from Cravenrock. The northern boarder is rough coast, but borders some of the calmest waters in Ahlonia along the Tarin Straits, but Varn Tireste and his people have little interest in the sea. Despite this the port of Estar remains busy. Aside from this this heavily settled domain includes Crosston, Hillborough and the fortified capitol of Fendale.