Earls' Council

The Earls' Council formed the core of this system, like a single king would in most lands. The council has ten members, and it is no coincidence that this number exactly matched the number of fingers a man has, because they were seen as all a single digit of the hands of Aliel, holding the land to their breast. When the council was established there were only seven Earldoms and they all had a seat, but now that more have come the council has become slightly more democratic. Whenever a member dies the sitting members vote who will take his place, be it his heir or another Earl. Originally Galastry, Sherevon, Forthest then Shornfar, Kirshire, Darrenshire and Marratharn made up the council and were aided by a High Prelate representing either face of the Dioune and the Grand High Prelate, but this structure has changed somewhat with the founding of additional Earldoms and the segregation of the church from the state. Not everyone is happy with the current structure, but thus it will remain until a member dies. Only three Earldoms have always served, these are Galastry, Sherevon and Forthest, and their positions within the realm guarantee that they will continue to in the foreseeable future.

The council has certain distinct powers that no one Earl has. Only the council can declare war, and when they do all Earldoms must surrender their armies to the control of the council. They may raise and disband armies in any territory they choose whenever they choose. They can also seize any piece of land they wish for any reason from anyone indefinitely. They settle any dispute between Earldoms after hearing both parties and any spoils of war are theirs to distribute. In addition they can grant title and station and confiscate funds or goods from anyone in Reddown at their leisure. Finally the council defines its own powers, so if it wants to vote itself another power it will do so, either permanently or temporarily.

The only way to pass any proposition at the council is to get it proposed by either the Earl of Galastry, Sherevon or Forthest, no other members may make a proposal, then the majority of members must vote in favour of the proposal, the result of a tie means the proposition is not passed. A proposition may be raised as often as the Earl likes, but generally results don’t differ much. The Earls of these three Earldoms can profit quite considerably through forwarding the propositions of smaller nations.

The Earls' Council of Reddown
The Sitting Council The Prospective Councillors
Earl of Galastry, Sedric Daultin Earl of Maratharn, Boer Marrath
Earl of Sherevon, Shannon Vaun Earl of Kirshire, Sedric Kir-Toleman
Earl of Forthest, Martel Forthest Earl of Darrenshire, Dane Dain
Earl of Shornfar, Henry Shorn Earl of Havisham, Morgan Havish
Earl of Terr, Carel Terr
Earl of Werndel, Noel Wern
Earl of Marak and Barven, Pieter Tolbren
Court Magician, The Iron Mage
High Prelate of Reddown, Anden Corovell
High Prelate of Sigard, Solon