Early History Of The Ral

The Early History of the Ral charts the Ral tribe under the guidance of Rallah, as they came into being, fled the horrors of the Sundering, and settled what would come to be known as modern Ralstaa, as well as Rallah's departure and the first Dun uprising.

Thee Enlyten’ed Land

In thee begyning thee men of thee playnes lyved far to thee soth o’er a mighty bridge of urth and stone wher now lieth only ocyn, and thee trybees of men wer splyt betwixt thayr lords, and thee fyve trybees of the Ral wer unyted in thee care of thee Divhidre Rallah and hir followyrs. Here lyved thay in blissful thanfulnes o’erwatch’ed bye thayr loving Divhidre, and did thay thryve and wax for manee generatyonnes in that land beyonde tym.

Then caym ther a tym of grete upheval when thee followyrs of thee Divhidre Nofus dyd comyt grevus sin agaynst thee laws of that land. And so thee spyrits of that playce wer grete wroth, and struk thaye down uponne thee men of thee Ral wyth furyus vengens and retributyon. And Rallah call’ed hir brothyrs to thee ancient plays of meetyng wher thay sat in council.

None knoweth what thyng was discuss’ed in that council, for all but thee Divhi and Divhidre wer cast from that plays that thay might keep thayr own council and that of none other. But wen Rallah return’ed with hir brought she dire tidyngs. The Divhidre had chosen to make a grete exodus from thayr isle home to thee land o’er that bridge to lands unknowen. And Rallah did divyde hir followyrs into fyve trybes; thee Cord, thee Shay, thee Dunn, thee Raed and thee Orr, and set she off wyth thee fyrst trybe, thee Cord, promysing to fynd a new land, and telyng thee other trybes to follow in kynd.

And so forth went thay from that plays each in turn, thee Cord wyth thee Divhidre, then thee Shay, thee Dunn and thee Raed. Thee Orr wer amongst thee last of thee men to part thayr ancient home, and wer left in that plays wen thee bridge sunk belowe thee wayvs, and tho thay left thee isle none know thee fayt of thee Raed, but the fyrst three trybes of thee Ral caym to thayr new home.

When Rallah and thee Cord caym to thee land of endless forests thay saw thee shynyng of thee stars in thee skye and thee ryvers and layks of thys new world, and whyl thee othyr trybes of men chose to continue on o’er thee mountains thee Ral chose to settle here, for tho the land was wylde and savage and unmerciful it was also rych with bountee.

And so thee Cord raised up a town ‘pon thee westernmost shore of thee sea and from thayr new home thay welcom’ed thee Shay and Dunn to thee shors of thee new land and saw as thee bridge sank below the wayvs, and wept for thee Raed and thee Orr. But Rallh bade thay not weep, for thay had a new home of grete bounty and beauty, and thay had thayr lives, and much to thank the fates for.

And thenceforth did thee Ral raise up many grete towns of hewn stone and fell’ed wood all under thee watchful eye of thee Divhidre Rallah and her chosen followyrs. And Rallah made hir cort ‘pon the shors of a rivyr that shon lyk silver in the night, and call’ed it the Silver River, and call’ed her new seat the City of Light.

In time the Divhidre tooke, from amongst hir followyrs, a lover, and then took she him to husband. And they begat a son, and a dauter, and glorious was thee earthly kyngdom of Rallah. And on thee eve of the second century aftyr thee flite from thee Isle a grete bird wyth plumes of flaym and eyes of thundyr pass’ed o’er thee lands of thee Ral, and everyman who saw it pass knew it to be a portent of thee Ral’s salvation and forgyvness for thee crimes of men, and all knew it would be well for them.

Thee Divhidre Departes

Thys goldyn age of thee Ral lasted manee cohorts. The chirdryn of Rallah begat chirdryn, and their childryn begat childryn, and thee childryn’s childryn begat childryn until thee City on thee Silver River was ful with thee voices of thee descendants of our earthly Divhidre. And all was welle with the people of the Ral.

And in the fulnes of tym thay came to know thys new land by thee name Ralsta, and Rallah receved envoys from thee other Goddes and slowly the Ral learn’ed that thee races of men, the Haeder and the Ghan, waxed and prosper’ed. And thay were sad to hear of thee loss of thee wandyryng Malorns in thee deserts. And glad at word from thee Deeplyng Men, long thought lost o’er thee sea, fond beneth thee montayns.

But thys age was not to last. Thee Haeder becym restless and warlike, thee Malorns emerg’ed as corrupted Draks, thee Ghan Godde Ghanda fell into a slumber and all manner of beast and monster made war agaynst thee men. Monstrous creatures emerg’ed from under thee conopys of thee bleov’d forests of thee Ral, with fang and tusk and worse thay slew’d thee Ral, and thee childryn of Rallah were made to take up arms agaynst these montrosities to keep thayr homes whole, and thayr childryn safe.

Thee battles did not go well for thee men of Ralsta, for thay were not skilled at war and thayr simple wepons were no match for thee claws and fangs of thee beasts that spew’ed from thee dark playces of thee forests and ‘neath thee urth. And Rallah, mighty tho she was, could be in only one plays at a tym. And do it was that thee Ral were driven from many of thayr young citees by those beasts as would take them. And all was dire and bleak.

And Rallah, ful sorrowful, knew only one way to aid hir tribe, and she made it so that grete wyngs grew from hir back, and she left thys world, commandyng that hir descendant Torst of the Cord take hir place and guide thee Ral, and lead them from thee ruen of thayr home to new prosperytee. And then she took to the wyng and left thee Ral, with a promise that she would come to guide them agayn.

And in thee skye she join’ed with thee Sun, where thee day shon with such radience as had no man nor beast ever seen, and thee beasts from thee forest and the dark playses cover’ed thayr eyes agaynst thee lite, and fled thay back into thee forests and thee dark places under thee urth to hide from thee lite, and hence have ever hidden from thee lite Rallah sends from thee sun, but duryng thee nite thay creep back out to stalk thee nite until thee day agayn dryves them to hyd.

And for many cohorts Ralsta continu’ed thys way. Torst begat Qin. Qin begat Rana. Rana begat Rivn. And Rivn begat Jana. And it was when Jana ruled o’re thee Ral that thee folk despared that Rallah had abandon’ed them, and would not return as she had promis’ed them when she left. And ther were stirryngs, and men ask’ed why thee line of Torst rul’ed when thay too were kin to thee Divhidre.

It was Holt of the Dunn who fyrst made war. And ther was a grete divyd betwixt the Dunn and thee Cord and Shay, and bloody war was made betwixt the two wyth neither side givyng to thee othyr yven an inch. And then thee allys of Ama, son of Jana began to question too thee rite of the House of Torst. And so one by one thay left to mayk thayr own kyngdoms, takyung lytl by lytl thee men and lands of Ama away. And Ama died, leavyng his dautyr Loer wyth lytl of Ralsta’s glory intact. And in batyl Loer was slayn by Marus, son of Gunr, son of Holt and thee line of Torst died, and thee Shay mayd thayr own kyngdoms and thee Cord forgot thayr name, and dub’ed them Lleweith to forget Torst, and thee grete kyngdom of thee Dunn was most mightee amongst thee Ral.

Thee Ral Awakyn

In thys tym of broken unitee Dunn fought Shay, and Shay fought Lleweith, and Lleweith fought Dunn, Lleweyth fought Lleweyth, and Shay fought shay, and brothyr fought brothry, and thee mortals who bore thee blood of thee Divhidre were forgotten, else lies lost them. And thee Dunn bilt grete magiks for war, and men of stone and urth strode with thayr warriors, and thee veree urth shuddr’ed at thayr comyng, and kyngdoms rose and fel in mere seasons, and forts fell faster than thay were bilt, and all was blood and confusion.

And then came thee fyrst sign from thee Divhidre in thee sun. Thee Kyng of thee Dunn swept out to destroy thee Citee of Lite, and slay the Shay Kyng who rul’ed it, and burn thee citee to ash, but as he arrayed his men thee sun darken’ed, and in thee tym betwixt thee morning and midday meal was blott’ed completelee from thee sky, leavyng only darkness. And thee creatures of thee forests stirred with hope. And thee King of thee Dunn came forth to thee battle and saw that Rallah had forsayken them, and he was much afraid. And fell ‘pon his face in obsecience to thee.

Divhidre and vowed that hir citee he would let stand, and that tho thay be a people divided, there need not be total destruction. And he went immediately to the Shay Kyn of the Citee and embrac’ed him, and hail’ed him as brother. And lo, thee sun agayn show’ed her face and shon down ‘pon the Ral. And thay knew that thayr Divhidre yet watch’ed o’er them.

And all of thee Kyngs of the Ral gather’ed at the Citee of Lyte in a grete Oerocrast, a council of Kyngs, and sad were thay that lost to them was thee line of Rallah in thayr war. But without hir childryn there could be no rightful Kyng o’er all the Ral, and so after much talk thay decided that there could be no Kyngdom of the Ral, and that no Kyng need give up his dominion, but that thay must be unyt’ed ‘gainst greter foes. And so thay agreed that thay would make war only in dire cases, that thay would gather in Oerocrast to talk of matters when needs be, that thay would be united ‘gainst the foes of the Ral no matter friend or foe, and that thay would never strive for the total destruction of another Ral Kyngdom agayn.

Furthermore thay agreed that thay had neglected thayr wise Divhidre by hir absence, and for this sin thay must attone. Worship, obescience and offerings must be made up to thee sun Divhidre and the Kyngs must make sure that thayr men know the proper way to do this, and ensure that thay pay the proper respects always. To this end manee scholars were task’ed with divining thee Divhidre’ will and carrying hir commands to the Kyngs who would pass them to thayr men. And so the Dunn Kyng forsak’ed his Kyngdom to become Rallah’s first priest and build hir first temple, and thee Dunn were forever broken into manee Kyngdoms, and thee remains of thee Kyng’s army, betray’ed by thayr Kyng who would not make war, becaym the rebel clanlanders.

And thus did the urthlee Kyngdom of Rallah return in the form of hir most divyne tempyls and hir bless’ed templars. Rallah’s mysterees replac’ed hir orders and hir templars replac’ed hir childryn, and from ashes borne of Rallah’s departure arose a new Ralsta watch’ed from afar by the Divhidre. Guided, protected and o’erseen by hir gentle guidence from afar in the heavens. But this was no to be the last challenge of the Ral, nor thayr penence pay’ed in ful.

Once men of peace, the Ral had learn’ed war, first agaynst thee beasts of thee forests, and then agaynst each other. But now thay had no Divhidre, and knew that while she ever o’er watched them she would never return to protect them agayn. So thee Ral steeled themselves in thee knowledge that thayr protection was now entyrely thayr own provins. And so thay took thayr Kyngs, and taught them thee way to agayn heed the voice of Rallah, but thay also taught themselves the way of war. Making grete warriors, arm’ed with the finest forg’ed blayds and shields, and loyal and reverent to thee whyms of thee Divhidre. Masters of thee land that was thayr home, thay became as thee beasts of thee forest, appearyng and disappearyng as if ghosts.

Thee rest of thee Ral penence would be paid in blood, be it thayr blood or that of thayr foes, thay would not know the peace thay had under thee scions of Rallah’s blood, and there would be a blood prys for thee divinelee begotten blood so easilee and vanelee squander’ed in Godde les battyl agaynst brothyr, sistyr and neibyr in those dark tyms.