Elemental Earth came into being because of the existence of Fire, mere timeless instants after reality became. Earth is the energy of permanence, hardness, solidity and endurance. It is present in all things that have a permanent physical presence.

Earth In The World

Earth is one of the world's most prevalent elements, present in soil and clay and stone, in open flats, and towering mountains, in foetid swamps and arid deserts, the physical stuff of earth is nigh inescapable. Metal and clay and all of the stuff which mortals craft are made in some degree of elemental earth. Even the bodies of living things rose from the stuff of earth, and to earth they eventually return, and the changelings were but malleable clay given the spark of life. So both the mortal bodies of living things and the very ground are all made of earth, fonts of it's energy.

Earth In Alchemy

The most common ingredients at an alchemist's disposal contain earth as the primary or secondary element. Metal, wood, bone, clay, chalk, talc and many of the foundries of the alchemist's art all have a property of earth in the primary. Earth brings solidity and stability to any potion, and is often used to create effects in stasis, catalyzed by being exposed to another elemental energy such as air, water or fire. Changing the state of metals, especially from mundane to valuable, has long been a preoccupation of alchemy.

Earth In Channeling

The energy of earth is heavy and sluggish, and while it takes strong will to energize it into motion once it is flowing the energy of earth is the most stable and reliable of all of the elements, and while it can often overwhelm a channeler it will seldom get out of control. There are many earth channelers - or that is to say that many who are notably gifted with the powers of earth learn to channel - perhaps because the power is so versatile and so reliable. Earth channelers can repair bodies, and cast magic of strength and stability as well as manipulating stone to construct walls or even buildings.

The Gift of Earth

Those who manifest the Gift of Earth usually display great health, vigor and vitality, and often even greater longevity than the other gifted. While it cannot be said that any individual can be insulated from the energies of earth, the earth gifted are some of the few who can also make effective alchemists. The earth gift is so in tune with the mortal body that it most commonly manifests as some enhancement of the physical form, though less passive abilities are not unknown.

The Elemental Wheel

On the wheel earth's neighbours are fire and air. The border with fire is called ash, which is the force of potential, that which allows earth to entrap, or rather hold fire in such a way that it's fury can be released later. The border with air is called breath, and is the energy of renewal and restoration, the power that keeps the mortal body functioning by drawing breath. Earth is opposed by water, where earth is a force of permanence, encouraging stability water catalyzes change. Even in the world there is land or sea as these two physical elements of creation vie to be the stuff of reality.