Eldin Reise

The current King of Highdunn came to his throne after the Black Baron murdered his father during the Maethian coup thirteen years ago. At the time he was only eighteen. Eldin Reise was groomed for the throne from his birth, and trained with the finest arms masters and diplomats in the land. He became a fine statesman and expert warrior, but while he became greater his father, who he admired and loved, descended into a paranoid obsession with his own death, which ultimately probably caused the coup. When his father died Eldin was in Reddown, and could not return home even for his funeral. He hates Kessel, his old arms trainer, with a passion, but recognises that he cannot afford war with the rebel state.


Eldin is a gruff and sarcastic man, sometimes to the point of blunt cruelty, which has earned him the title Eldin the Grim with many of his subjects. He is tall and powerful with strongly handsome features and jet-black hair streaked with iron grey. He wears it tied in a ponytail, and also wears a long moustache, and his skin is darkly tanned and rugged. His face is lined from the constant steely frown he wears.

"I will gut the man! I will slowly eviscerate him and then as he dies I will have him watch as I cook his innards upon the fire! I want sto crush his his still-beating heart in my fist! Do you understand me? I want to most horrible fate to befall Kessel. Henceforth the mere mention of hi damned name will be a crime. When I finally have him in my power, and mark me I swear in Koroth's name I will, we will build a special dungeon so far beneath the earth that even the Divh will not be able to punnish the horror we inflict upon him in ending his pathetic traitor life - damn his eyes!"

  • one of many tirades delivered to the Kingsown on the subject of the Black Baron


Ultimately Eldin is a good and decent man, with a strong faith in his laws, his divh and himself, and a respect for his subjects if not a love. His temper, though hard to arise, is legendary, and the only person in the kingdom said to be capable of bringing him out of these rages is his wife Queen Ellen. For the most part the king keeps to himself. His rule is absolute and his word law, whether his subjects accept that or not, so far as he’s concerned. The only thing that stops him being a true tyrant is his even handed sense of justice and his lack of real power over his scattered frontier realm.


Eldin is the son of Dane and Ivine Reise and a proud member of the Riese dynasty, descended directly from Martel Baldurdunn. As a prince of the royal line and heir to Highdunn Eldin received the best training available to him, with diplomats and statesmen brought to lecture him from Reddown, and Garrin the White acting as his personal tutor, and Dietric Kessel as his master at arms. Eldin served in the Kingsown, though he was seldom put in the same danger as a real Kingsown would be, and he made a pilgrimage to Southaven guided by the High Prelate of Highdunn himself. While many of the prominent figures of his fathers generation are decorated war heroes Eldin's military career was sketchy, and he only ever took commands where success was an extreme likelihood. He did finally fiund distinction in the Whitehale uprising in 1476 HC, but this was late in his reign as King. He was commissioned under Alvin Roen in the Tresser Veldt where he met his future wife Ellen, one of the great prizes of their age. Instantly in love with her, the dashing young Prince courted her relentlessly, eventually swearing to bring her any prize in the land she asked for if she would grant him her hand. Ellen asked for the banner of her grandfather thought lost in the Forest Kingdom, and Eldin escaped his personal guard and trekked into the Forest to retrieve it and against all odds did return, but sadly without prize. So taken was Ellen with him by now that she proclaimed Eldin a greater prize than any relic and they were wed on the spot.

It was during this wedding that Eldin heard of the coup in Thairon, and he raced back with an army from the Veldt to find his father Dane dead, and the regicide, his old master at arms, a scant day ahead of him. Marshaling his forces Eldin intended to pursue but was persuaded to remain for coronation and put the good of the kingdom before his own vendetta. Alvin Roen went in his stead, and Kessel escaped. Eldin seems to have blamed himself for this decision since, and to some small extent blamed Roen for his failure to bring Kessel to justice.

Eldin's rule has been a peaceful one for Highdunn. He has rested heavily on the advice of his councilors, but shown great wisdom in doing so, and while he can have wild tempers, and weeks long periods of dark brooding he has been largely a fine King. Now in his middle years he has not fully guaranteed succession by producing a son, and though he loves his daughter fiercely the fact that his line might die out with him clearly grates on his nerves.


The King of Highdunn is married to Ellen Tireste Reise, a fabled beauty in her own day. They are almost opposites, with the Kings brooding stormy nature countered by his Queen's courtly grace. Dane Reise is dead at the hand of Kessel, but Eldin's mother Ivinedied only recently. She had tempered her sons quest for vengeance somewhat and he has become more and more fixated on the idea since. Ellen and Eldin have a single daughter Serina, who is currently being courted by no less than a dozen men of good pedigree who hope to be the next king and start a new dynasty in Highdunn. Naturally Eldin openly despises every one of them. While he is close to Alvin Roen the generation between the two has stopped them being fast friends. Garrin the White has taken the place of Dane as Eldins father figure, and Eldin is extremely fond of the absent old man, but more and more he has been guided by his father's chief councilor Theandar Marr, High Prelate of Highdunn.

While Eldin and Sedric Daultin see one another as opposing contemporaries they two men also have a certain diplomatic and personal respect for one another, and while he is clear that to him the Black Sarith can only be a bitter foe, the only man who Eldin can really call an enemy is Dietric Kessel, and he bays for the regicide's blood with an unnatural hunger.


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Character Traits

A Lord Amongst Men (3)

The King's judgement is more than occasionally flawed, and he is given to rash action, and being driven by whim and emotion, but men who are drawn to him by profound respect seem to find themselves staying even when it is gone. Something about Eldin inspires devotion, and men will remain loyal to him to the end, neither from respect nor his force of personality, but because they believe in him, and love him.

Dietric Kessel Must Die (3)

Eldin is fanatical in his personal vendetta against the Baron of Maethas, and it takes a great deal to dissuade him from often rash action, designed to get his hands on his old master at arms. Until his daughter vanished it was his sole obsession.

Bleak Rage (2)

The King of Highdunn is given to fits of extreme temper, and when these take him he is a dangerous, unstable, and unpredictable man. Such is his reputation for snapping when pushed that he is much feared amongst the stewards of the court at Thairon. His strength and roar are terrible when he falls into one of these moods, but his wits are scarcely his own.