Ellen Tireste-Reise

The wife of King Eldin and sister of Earl Varn of Tireste is the co-ruler of Highdunn, though officially she is merely the royal consort, Ellen Tireste-Reise is Eldin’s partner in every way. Patient, courteous and thoughtful where Eldin is rash and blunt the King and Queen temper one another to create a fine balance in the rulership of Highdunn, when the King rages only Ellen can cool his temper. However the Queen also serves an important political role, representing her brother and cousins at the court at Thairon.


The Queen of Highdunn is a gentile lady, noble features, with a proud jaw, upturned nose and pretty eyes. She keeps her mousy-brown hair demurely tied in a long braid down below her waist, and a small diadem about her brow as a mark of office. Her advancing years show in the creases about her eyes and her mouth, but she moves with such grace, poise and dignity that her quiet, demure manner cannot outshine her clear regality. Ellen is soft-spoken and given to choosing her words with great care. She is not given to shows of emotion, but none doubt that she is capable of feeling deeply. Everything about her speaks of a quiet dignity.


Ellen is a woman born to a fierce warrior line, and she always knew that her place was to gird on her father's shield before he left, and tend his wounds when he returned. With such a clear role in life, Ellen has devoted herself utterly to this role of supporter and custodian, not only to her brothers and husband, but to the entire kingdom. While Ellen feels deeply, and has a striking capacity for compassion and empathy, as well as considerable insight, she tends to keep herself closely guarded for the benefit of those around her. She tends to fall back on her courtly manners and good breeding as much to project calm and confidence as out of a sense of propriety.


There can be little said about Ellen Tireste's early life. The eldest daughter of the Earl of Tireste, she knew that her lot in life was to stay home and weave tapestries, and tend to the wounds of her patron. However this would change when the young Prince Eldin Reise came into her life. Then a warrior in the service of Alvin Roen, Eldin came to Tireste on military manoeuvrings and fell instantly in love with Ellen. Courting her relentlessly, this fiery young man piqued the young lady's interest, and when he eventually swore to bring her any prize in the land she asked for if she would grant him her hand, Ellen determined to serve her family by asking for the banner of her grandfather thought lost in the Forest Kingdom. When the young Prince returned from the Forest with the banner in hand she proclaimed Eldin a greater prize than any relic and they were wed on the spot. Since then she has been his constant companion, his soft place to fall, and has tempered his brash nature with calm thoughtful love. She has borne the King a single daughter, Serina, and now she mourns the loss of her child with uncharacteristically bitter grief.


The Queen is respected and loved throughout Highdunn. She is known for being gracious, well bred and a fine orator, though she never forgets her place, that of a woman, wife and mother. Probably her greatest weakness is her daughter Serina. Though clearly spoiled and self-involved, Ellen indulges her every whim attentively and can see no fault with her daughter, nor is she likely to consider any suitor fit for her when it comes time to arrange for succession. Since Serina’s disappearance the Queen has been in seclusion in the royal apartments, refusing to see all but her maids.


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Character Traits

My Daughter! (3)

Ellen has lost her only daughter, and it has broken her gentile nature. Now she mourns as of the girl were dead - spreading her time between either bleak silence, or forlorn weeping. Ellen would give anything to have Serina back, for she is her mother's world, but she knows Serina better than most, and has little hope that such a headstrong, spoiled, and sheltered girl could possibly survive in captivity.

Supreme Patience (3)

Ellen is serene, patient, gentile and composed. She has long lived with powerful brutes of men, and knows that her composure, and the niceties that her brother and husband have lacked are essential to life at court. She is ever smiling, ever dressed and postured as a queen should be. Quiet and meek, but with an inner strength. Even now that she is lost in her own sorrow she hides her emotions behind heavy doors rather than calm gentility.

True to Her Beloved (2)

Ellen is an astoundingly loyal wife and mother. But she is also insightful, and knows the flaws of her husband and daughter. She knows how to tenderly navigate their moods, how to soften Eldin's rage, or mould Serina's wilfulness, with her love alone. She would never betray nor harm them, and guards them with surprising ferocity.